Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buttered Rolls, Close Friends and Therapists

If you know me, you know I am a 7-Eleven junkie.  Not all 7-Eleven stores, mind you, but "my" 7-Eleven, across the street from my soon-to-be-former office, and a few other select locations.  I am a creature of habit, so much so that it occurred to me I make it easy for my stalker, if I had one.  7-Eleven is a palace of guilty pleasures.  Decent hot dogs with all sorts of toppings.   Surprisingly okay pizza.  Really good apple fritters.  And a never-ending supply of A&W Diet Root Beer.  Never-ending because the manager special orders it for me.  My favorite salty snacks, like cheddar and sour cream potato chips.  Good, fresh coffee any time of day.

One tragic flaw - no buttered rolls.

Buttered rolls are apparently a Greater New York City thing, and one that I was totally dependent on.  If it wasn't from the 7-Eleven, it was from the coffee wagon right outside the Long Island Railroad Ronkonkoma station, or the tiny deli tucked into the side of 14 Wall Street.  You get the idea.  The ubiquitous buttered roll and a cup of hot coffee was THE Breakfast of Champions for New Yorkers on their way to work.

In addition to real bagels, great pizza, and Imus in the Morning, buttered rolls became another reason to miss New York.  I suppose I've gotten over it in the past twenty years, but every so often I stage my own personal buttered roll breakfast, with real butter and pretty darn good rolls from the Publix bakery.  If I close my eyes, I can feel the sway of the diesel train on it's way to Hunters Point.  If I open my eyes, I realize I am running late, and besides, I don't have to catch a train to Kissimmee.

Oh, crap.  Came across this headline when I pulled up the Orlando Sentinel on my iPad just a short while ago.  "Casey Anthony Back in Florida."  As my late grandmother would say, who needs her? According to Jose' Baez, her attorney-turned-publicist, she is back just in case she does have to start serving probation. Can't she serve her probation somewhere else ... like Afghanistan?

"Baez confirmed to Geraldo Rivera that pictures of Casey taken in Ohio that appeared on TMZ were indeed real and that she was in Columbus."  (Hello, Life ... Goodbye, Columbus.)

"Baez wouldn't say where else Casey has been since she was acquitted of murder, but did say she's been spending time with close friends and therapists."  Ha ha.  Looks like Baez coined the phrase that pays.  And could there be any other reason he would spill the beans on Tot Mom's whereabouts to his BFF Geraldo?

I would like to ask Jose' the question on everybody's minds - are those "close friends" real, or are they Memorex?

Other news - President Obama headed off for an expensive vacation at Martha's Vineyard (ever hear of Camp David?) while the world goes to hell in a knitting basket.  Have you no shame, Mr. President?  What you do have is chutzpah.  I did not vote for you the first time, and I sure as shootin' won't vote for you this time.

The Republicans are no better, mind you.  Surely this had to be an inopportune time for Mitt Romney's plans for expanding his oceanfront mansion to hit the airwaves.

All this just goes to show you how out of touch politicians are with the problems of us little people.

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