Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saving All My Spoons For You, Emeril

With my plan to head over to Walmart still inchoate, last night I made the earth shattering decision to take today off. First of all, there is no immediate need for more plastic.  More importantly, we have a special evening planned, and it is going to run late, and I want to be able to enjoy every minute. Rather than leave the house and risk incurring exhaustion and enhanced pain, I got smart for a change and boldly gathered all of my daily spoons for the single purpose of heading to downtown Orlando to see Emeril Lagasse. This might not mean much to you, but he is at the very top of my list of favorite celebrity chefs and always has been at the top, since the early days of Food Network and "Emeril Live!" five nights a week. I really miss giving it up for Doc Gibbs and laughing at Emeril's silly jokes, and drooling over the food he prepared.

Publix, who created this series of three chef performances, sent an email the other day, reminding the ticket holders` to come early to taste their food samples. During which I should have the time to purchase Emeril's newest cookbook (which I would have bought anyway) so he can sign it after his presentation. The signing part won't start until about 45 minutes after his presentation ends, and then there's the waiting with several hundred other fans which makes this a very late night indeed. Since I'm normally tired enough to go to bed at 8:30, I had to plan carefully. Look, I know it's not a Barry Manilow concert, but this is going to be another special memory and I don't want the #@%&!! fibromyalgia ruining it for me.

So that means no walking up and down the stairs except as absolutely necessary, no cooking, no long walk in the Vitamin D-drenched sunshine, no gardening (haven't been able to do that for months), no driving, no shopping, no working on Project Zero. No nuthin'.

I'm stoked.

The Absolutely Incredible Emeril

The New York primary on April 19th drove me nuts. I've developed a pretty healthy dislike of Bernie Sanders and consider him an embarrassment to the Jewish people. Worldwide anti semitism is at an alarming high and he is complaining about Israel. Anti Zionism is anti semitism, Bern. If the day ever comes that we Jews are persecuted to the extent that we have to leave our home countries, I hope the Israeli government tells you to stay in white bread Vermont.

The entire primary and election systems need to be burned down and rebuilt from scratch. The differences from state-to-state border on the absurd. Their only purpose seems to be the perpetuation of he two major parties, and that's a serious issue. Major reforms are needed, starting with lifetime term limits for all members of Congress. Hey, I would have loved a job where I could vote myself a raise!

Get them the hell out of there. Twelve years is more than enough time to rip off the American people, an even better deal than the President's eight years. Forty or more years in Congress is an abomination - think about it, and try not to punch your fist through a wall.

Finally, I received a Notice of Hearing on the pending appeal of my disability claim. Now I have something else to obsess over. That cruise can't come soon enough.

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