Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Artist Formerly Known

I am an artist and my medium is food.  Well, sometimes it is yarn, but for the purposes of this post, it is food.

Yesterday, a Monday, went surprisingly well.  I came home with enough energy to fill the manicotti shells and slice the pork loin.  I am enjoying my accomplishments, but not getting ahead of myself.   There is beef stew to skim and a sage cream sauce to create.  I would like to try the Thanksgiving stuffing bread again, because it could benefit from a few tweaks and fiddles (which is why it hasn't been posted yet.)  There is also an application to be filled out for passport renewal (those were the fastest ten years of my life) and plans to be made for the Big Pig Jig in Vienna (pronounced Vy-Anna) Georgia.  My evenings are nothing if not interesting.

Is that not a gorgeous hunk of pork loin?  Seriously, look at that appetizing glisten of the maple barbecue sauce!  And I cannot help but admire the consummate skill of the carver who wielded that vintage 1974 electric knife with such success!  (Cooking and carving is so much better than watching an endless parade of political ads, by the way.)

A photo of the 1974 electric knife with the 1977 crockpot. Old friends. No, I mean it, really old friends.

That was the cooked pork loin I defrosted the other day, and it was as delicious as the day I originally made it, maybe even better.  The Thanksgiving stuffing bread recipe, including the tweak and fiddle has finally been posted.  And on a more serious note, thank you to everyone who said a prayer for Peter.  Reports from Tennessee are good.

Finally, tomorrow is Election Day.  Regardless of your preferences or party affiliation, please get out there and vote - it reminds the politicians that we're paying attention.

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