Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chelsea's Excellent Adventure

Wednesday - I got so confused I thought it was Thursday and Jane was graduating on Saturday.  Good thing I ran into her dad at the office, so he could tell me today was Wednesday and Jane was graduating on Friday. Which means I go to see the vampires on Thursday - tomorrow morning - and hopefully will get to chat with my supervisor on Friday morning.  If this makes sense to you, you may be spending far too much time with me and my blog.  Just kidding.

Today Chelsea had an Excellent Adventure - I promised her she could pick out a new collar - and that meant a trip to the new Petsmart near the new Hobby Lobby.  Prime location, yes indeed.  But first James and I consulted regarding the placement of herbs and vegetables.  I pointed, he dug. James is the best.  I still want to pick up a few more plants - maybe lavender, some chives, another tomato plant, another squash.  We'll see. In the middle of everything we are having to readjust the underground sprinklers, which is part of the reason we had to move some of the plants.  It's all good.

Back to Chelsea - of course I couldn't just get her a collar.

Well, I did cook today - bake, actually, in the bread machine.  My favorite white bread, good for sandwiches.  Not that I can eat a sandwich.  Or much of anything else.

Thursday, I went to the vampires and gave more blood.  As I noted on Facebook, I am the Human Pincushion and Marvel should give me my own TV show.  Stan Lee, are you reading this?

Guess not.  Have a good day, folks.

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