Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Viral Resolution

The humorous side of fibromyalgia: the electric shocks have rendered my hands too unsteady to unwrap a Hershey's chocolate kiss. For a chocoholic such as myself, that's a pretty serious problem.

Speaking of problems, I may have uncovered the source of my photo-posting problems the past few days. While I was catching up at the Forgotten New York site (I've been reading there at least once a week for the past 15 years - it's that good), blogmeister Kevin Walsh mentioned that he had been having the same kind of problem, and attributed it to some sort of meta-virus. He is on an entirely different platform, but it could have well been that the sick little f*ckers who created the virus sent it out to infect various major blog sites. I am also going to assume that one of the Silent Geniuses (I have never gotten a return email from Google regarding any of my questions or problems) managed to disinfect Blogger, thereby accounting for the sudden unexpected return of that particular function. As the kids say, whatever.

Back to my shocking hands - I am at the point of needing to cook for the family, but with my hands jerking hither and yon, I am a little apprehensive about wielding a very sharp knife. I have some ideas in my head, but I'm still not sure they are going to make the transfer to my hands. Another humorous side to fibromyalgia: this is a cooking blog, and between my St.Vitus-dancing hands and my inability to stand on my feet for any length of time, I haven't been able to cook. I can still knit (although this isn't a knitting blog) but the results are sometimes less-than-desired. Shaky hands and arms, and a dicky memory that defies the application of even simple patterns.

Today is May 18th, and it would have been my parent's 69th wedding anniversary, if they hadn't both passed on years ago and assuming they hadn't killed each other before passing. It was a hell of a marriage, and I should know; I had a ringside seat.

Today is also the anniversary of the day we lost our beloved Tuffy, at an advanced age for a dog, but still much too soon.

I do have some pictures to share; late to the party, but a rather nice collection of photos of the stir fry chicken dish I prepared last week. Minimal knife work a plus.

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