Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Time I Know It's For Real

For the first time since I acquired my iPad Pro, I feel like it is a wonderful, useful extension of my fingers. My Zagg Slim Book finally arrived from Amazon, and if first impressions count for anything, this is even better than the Zagg keyboard I had for my last iPad, which served me extraordinarily well for years and years.

There was no Zagg case for sale when the iPad Pro first arrived, so I bought a much cheaper keyboard case through Amazon. Within a day I realized I was saddled with a real POS; within two days, the iPad had jumped free of the case and landed on the tile floor. There was damage to the corner of the glass protector and I was pissed. Eventually it became so difficult to use that damn keyboard that I avoided using my iPad. When the Zagg Slim Book became available I bit the proverbial bullet, paid the steep price and here we are. You get what you pay for.

Over the past few days I've had another flare, and my normal bad got worse, a lot worse.  Never mind the details, you've all seen my ubiquitous complaints.

So today is now Thursday, April 28th and I have made it past yesterday's eye evaluation - yes, it is cataracts, yes, we can schedule surgery as soon as we get an approval letter from my insurance company, yes, it will take about a month - I figure the first surgery will be in July, which is after the disability hearing. I'm good with that. Besides, I got the good news there was no retinal detachment.  My eyes got dilated in the process, which put an end to any driving I might have wanted to do yesterday, which meant no therapist, which was unfortunate because I was feeling unbearably cranky and trying so hard not to turn it on Robert and Cory.  I sort of yelled at Romeo and Anakin though, and I feel a little guilty.            

The days are starting to get jumbled for me as I move closer to our cruise. There is stuff one has to do before leaving for a vacation but it just seems this time there was a lot more stuff than usual. Having done all my gathering, it is time to pack. I don't mind packing, but it does leave me exhausted.

I want to pack today, but I promised myself that if I did nothing else I would finish a certain bracelet and earrings to match and bring them to the post office to be sent off for a certain birthday. Just when I thought it was all ready to go I got a brainstorm and made two additions.  It pulled the whole thing together. In typical Cindy-style, I forgot to take a picture before I sealed the box, and all I have is this shot from several days ago.

The theme is Sisters, and this is a birthday present for my sister who I have never met. We have a father in common, and I think I've told the story of finding my father's side of my family at an advanced age - I was 60 - and learning that I'd had four siblings beside the brother I grew up with. Sadly, three of the four had passed away years before, but I was fortunate to find, and with the help of her daughter, my niece Rachel, make telephone contact several times.

I added an angel charm and a beautiful sky blue and cloudy white bead in memory of our youngest sister, who died of breast cancer almost 30 years ago. I also made some drop earrings to go with the bracelet and tucked in a couple of those cotton face cloths.

Without a common upbringing, and without being able to see each other on a regular basis, and you know I hate the bloody telephone, it's been hard to build a relationship. Anyway, I knew her birthday was coming up and I decided to send her a little something. All I have to do is get this little box to the post office because if it fits, it ships, and this box is stuffed to the gills. I hope she likes everything because truly it was made with love.

(She liked her gifts!)

So then, I did not post this before we left on our cruise nor at any time during our cruise, and now it is Saturday, May 7th, and we are back from our cruise, back from Miami, sitting in our personal chairs and recovering from 8 days off our regular schedule. It was a lovely vacation, one of the nicest cruises we've taken. Details to follow.

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