Monday, June 13, 2011

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Living in Florida, I was hardly the only person to root for Dallas instead of Miami in the NBA Playoffs.  You might think that once my beloved Magic fell on their asses faces in the early rounds, I would turn to the Miami Heat.  You know, Go Florida?  Ha ha ha, no way.

So I was extremely pleased when the Dallas Mavericks won the finals, 4 - 2, embarrassing the crap out of Lebron James.  His ego is going to need major surgery after tonight.  Lebron, Dwyane - while you were mocking Dirk Nowitzki, he and his team were cleaning your clocks.  You boys could use a little humility and a little common sense. 

Speaking of common sense, I don't have any.

The pattern is "Antimony" by Brigitte Eaton, available for free at Ravelry.  She says she combined the "Vortex Shawl" pattern with the "Sagrantino Shawl" pattern to create "Antimony".  I've already got it on the circular needle.  I'm blaming my lapse in judgment on the Yarn Harlot, and her post called "Matching".  If you read it, you'll understand why I feel the need to start this to accompany me on my annual journey.  I already had the perfect (I hope!) yarn, just needed one more skein and I found it, same dye lot and all, at Joann's.

It's not like I'm going to leave for Little Rock with just one project in my knitting bag ... that would be tempting fate, and I could end up like I did in Korea, leaving fuzzy red yarn in three different cities.  Long story.

I made Jewish sweet and sour meatballs tonight.  Tasty!

Harold Camping, who has rescheduled Armageddon for October 21, 2011, has apparently suffered a stroke.  From the news article I read, it did not seem to have been crippling, which is fortunate at his age.  I'm sure he would not want to miss the End of the World.

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