Saturday, June 18, 2011

Billboard Birds and other natural wonders

Driving home Friday on Orange Blossom Trail, I could not miss that big, honking billboard of Dan Newlin's ginormous forehead, on which were perched four perfectly stil, evenly spacedl birds.

Attorneys go head-to-head with billboard advertising.

Dan recently got some dental work done, or at least his billboard did, and now he's got a different, toothier smile that I'm guessing he thinks gives him a friendlier, more sincere look, since this one looks like he is sneering at all the drivers on the road.  I would have to say that of all the attorneys advertising on television, he irritates me the most with his smarmy "I'd be proud to represent you" crap.  I have never been a fan of television advertising for lawyers, because it cheapens a profession that takes enough pot shots as is.  And as to that "former sheriff's detective" thing he likes to flaunt? Can someone tell me what the hell that has to do with his present occupation as ambulance chaser personal injury attorney?

Rob and I hit the road again today, first stop Atlanta, then on to eastern Tennessee.  This might be a good time to invest in Kleenex, as Vickie and I are planning a good cry when we see each other.

This past week has been a whirlwind of readying my cases for my absence - feels like deja vu all other again.  The Antimony shawl is on the needles and is the designated project for this road trip.  Let's see if I can finish it by the time we return to Florida.  Just in case, I'll be shlepping a few other projects with me.  Hey, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Mandy has been updated with all the latest maps, after spending several hours plugged in to Rob's computer.  Knowing her delicate nature, I only hope she isn't constipated from the experience.  She can get awfully cranky when she's not feeling up to par ...

If any of you are acquainted with Master Fidel Casco, don't forget to send him your good wishes for his successful testing in Little Rock.  Seventh degree black belt, Sir!  And of course, some of those good wishes for Rob, who is competing for World Champion on Friday, and in his regular group on Sunday.

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