Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas with the Doctor

I've pretty much got my Christmas plans in order.  Rob and I are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with the Doctor.  No, we're not sick.  And he's not that kind of Doctor.

He is this kind  of Doctor, all thirteen of him.  A son of Gallifrey.  A madman with a box.

BBC America will be broadcasting the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas Day, but will be showing other episodes featuring other Doctors besides Twelve, starting on Christmas Eve.  In the U.K., Doctor Who Christmas Specials are a tradition, like Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Speech and plum pudding.

I don't plan on any sort of shopping immediately before or after Christmas Day.  I never go into stores the day after Christmas, because I'm not crazy, and besides, it's my birthday.  I do not get dressed for the outdoors.  I am walking no further than my kitchen, and from there, to my spot on the couch.

Of course I am going to cook, but that's not work.   We shall nibble and nap and I plan on some knitting, as well putting in some more time on my recipe collection.  Six ring binders so far, and probably three more to go.  We shall coddle the Yorkies and Anakin, shamelessly and repeatedly.

The menu for all this lazy living is going to be based on the contents of my freezer.  No time to do any major food shopping, as we are going to Amway Arena for a Magic game tonight.  We're playing the Brooklyn Nets, which is cool, because no matter who wins, I'm happy.

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