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Finally settled in, I think.  You never realize how tightly wound you are from everyday stressors until you are able to move out of that environment and can then feel yourself start to unwind.   Yesterday, I felt like an old-fashioned clock, with the internal wires loosening and unwinding.  By the time I woke up this morning, I felt like something approaching normal.  Last night I got all dressed up and ate lobster, then went with my best boy to watch a show.  I hate to admit that I dozed through the show - part of that unwinding process.

There was a cooking demonstration yesterday at the Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse.  Mushroom Cappuccino (don't expect to see this on Starbucks' menu); Baby Leaf Spinach and Mushroom salad (damn blue cheese); some kind of chicken dish (very good); mac n' cheese, which was one of the best I've eaten; and a tiramisu that had 3 different liquors in it.  Given my total inability to imbibe, I took half a teaspoon to taste, and put it down.  Holy macaroni, what the hell was THAT?  And one old geezer sitting near us complained, "you didn't even try it!"  Not a dessert for kids, by the way.  I think the geezer had already scarfed his down before I even lifted my spoon, which might explain his impertinence.

Of course I got the recipes, what do you think?  I took pictures, too.

Which brings us to Sunday morning breakfast, and this nifty niche with tables and Oriental music, the type they play at Kobe's, the Japanese steakhouse we like.  A rather nice improvement to the Lido deck, which has always had the aspect of a high school cafeteria.  The lady sitting next to us - portly, but not grotesquely so - just ate more food for breakfast than I am capable of eating in a week.  I used to be able to eat fairly large quantities of food, especially when I was a teenager, but I never came close to that. My father-in-law, who had a healthy appetite and came from a family of happily voracious eaters, could not have managed that.  My entire digestive system is cringing from having to watch. Time for some Serenity.

Such a nice place for adults to hang out.  We were able to snag one of those cute half-bubble wicker things, with a circular seating mat inside, just the right size for two.  We read books, I napped, we snacked, I finished my book, we saw a waterspout forming out in the distance.  Rob took pictures. I started another book.  A lady passed by our bubble and complimented my socks.  She asked if I had made them, and when I responded in the affirmative, she gave me a thumb's up.

And now we are at a proper tea.  I only drink tea when I am sick, so this is a special event.  I am having a scone and some Devonshire cream with my tea.  This reminds me of a lovely going-away party we had given for our former supervisor, Dianne, complete with all types of tiny sandwiches and sweets.  And hats, big hats that would have looked at home on female coiffed heads at the Kentucky Derby, or the wedding of Prince William and Catherine.

Circle back to the knitting, which is a big part of my relaxation package. This year has been a bust for finished projects.  Our car travel was down, my lunch hours became practically nonexistent, my time at home was absorbed by the home refit and taking care of my poor sick Ira and our new little rescue Chelsea.

And then I rebooted the blog at the beginning of October, and boy, does that absorb time!  Happy time, productive time (the boys are eating very well) , but nonetheless time away from my needles.  For this trip, after much consideration and consultation (with myself) I decided on one "inside" project - a very large log cabin afghan that really can't be worked on outside while sitting in the sun - and a couple of small, "outside" projects.  Since I have about 10 pairs of unfinished socks, each in their own ziploc bag, it was easy to choose.  One easy, peasy sock, the one I always carry in my purse, the one the Yarn Harlot calls "plain vanilla"; one medium difficulty sock, of my own design, involving yarn overs and strategically placed decreases; and one crazy-ass pattern by the amazing designer Cookie A.  Not that I expect to finish any one of them, but making progress is enough for now.

Knit socks are some of the most wonderful items of clothing you will ever wear.  Once you've worn hand-knit socks, you can never go back, no matter how cute and crazy your store-bought socks might be.  The hardest part is figuring out what shoes to wear, and in what size.  I wear oversized clogs.  Extremely comfortable for casual days and for standing on my feet for long periods of time.  One of these days I am going to break down and buy myself a pair of see-through clogs to wear with my hand-knit beauties.

This evening we had our reservation at Fahrenheit 555, and since it is a steakhouse, I ordered lamb.  Lobster bisque (ooh-la-lah!) and a Caesar salad redolent of garlic and anchovies.   Rob ordered a cowboy steak that mooed when you poked it with a fork.  That's how he likes it.  Me, I like them rare, but not mooing.  I love steak - Rob and I grew up in an era when beef was eaten several nights a week in the average middle class home - but truth be known, I love lamb even more, especially the really good stuff.  Tonight was the really good stuff.                                                                                                  

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