Monday, December 15, 2014



Saturday Night Live at 40??? I must have missed the last 35 years, and watching this tonight, I remember why.  And what is going on with Nicki Minaj's tuchus?  As my Pop used to say - about me, by the way - her backside is big enough for six pinochle players and two kibbitzers.  Years ago, my oversized booty was a source of great consternation and embarrassment, especially when trying to fit into an airline seat in coach.   Despite the popularity of songs like "I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie", the big-bootied still have to cope with airline seats.  I can't imagine that they can ALL afford to fly first class.

We missed our first night's dinner.  The ship started rockin' and rollin' and I was caught without those special wristbands I wear to keep seasickness at bay. Taken in combination with the chocolate martini I'd been sipping for an hour and a half, I was not feeling my best.  Okay, actually I was pretty much passed out after chewing on a couple of Bonine.  The Bonine was terribly bitter, but preferable to that awful seasickness hangover-type feeling. Now that I'm awake, I'm steady on my feet and the wrist bands are working, but the headache is a skull splitter.  Fortunately, this cruise has all night pizza and other snacks and so we head upstairs. Good night, nurse!

Bobby Darin singing "Beyond the Sea" during breakfast - how perfect!  Breakfast on the Sunshine compared to breakfast on the Ecstasy, Sensation, Dream and Triumph: absolutely the same!  The cooked stuff is okay, plus there are copious amounts of fresh fruit, cold cuts, breads and muffins, and little danish.  Eating breakfast is nothing more than an annoyance for me, but I love sitting by a window with my coffee, watching the baby whitecaps peak and quickly fade away.

Tonight is "cruise elegant" where we all get to play dress up for dinner.  Rob and I have skipped it for years, ever since we switched to "your time" dining.  I used to enjoy getting seated with strangers - nice to meet new people from very different parts of the country - but after the one table where some of the guests had bonded rather uncomfortably during the martini-testing hour, we decided we liked each other's company enough to get a table for two.  But we also decided that for this trip, we would enjoy the elegant aspects for a change.  As long as we don't have to put up with crazy drunk middle age strangers.

There are a couple of new eating opportunities onboard this ship.  In addition to the Lido buffet (called the Marketplace on this ship) and the regular dining rooms (Sunrise, Sunset - oh hell, there goes another ear worm),   Ji Ji Asian Kitchen, Cucina del Capitano, Fahrenheit 555, Bonsai Sushi, and other assorted taste bars and bistros tucked in unexpected places.  Oh, and Guy's Burger Joint.  The man is amazing and the burgers aren't bad either.  Actually, quite good.  Great fries and toppings.  And to think I voted for the other guy (Reggie) to win.

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