Saturday, August 1, 2015

No Apologies - In the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant

No recipe here.  This is short, sweet, and a little angry.

If you are not a regular reader, let me just give a little background:  I am a lawyer, and have been since 1991.  For over 23 of those years, I have worked in the child welfare system.  I never made a lot of money, never had a fancy office, never got any respect from other attorneys or the Bench, but I had (past tense here because I am in the process of retiring) the enormous satisfaction that comes with this area of law.

I have been part of the process that has saved children's lives.  Nothing I've ever done professionally has been this satisfying.  Okay, all my legal and social work and GAL friends, say it with me: "I saved children's lives."  Because you did, we all did, we did it together. That made it the best job in the world, even when we were dealing with adverse circumstances like bad pay, unreasonable expectations, short staffing, and an appalling courtroom environment.

Who were we saving? What is a child? When is a child a child? Should we have been out there saving lions instead?

Okay, I admit to poking liberals with a stick, first with this blog post from July 24, and then with a post on Facebook, asking my liberal friends how they reconciled the outcry over the killing of Cecil the Lion while remaining silent regarding the killing of 24 week fetuses.  One person responded that "a woman's right to choose is the law of the land."  Why yes, it is, and I am old enough to remember when all abortion was illegal, and that was a very bad thing.  I support a woman's right to choose, but sweet Jesus, don't tell me that extends to killing a baby! So I responded:

"The right of a woman to choose should not extend beyond viability, which can occur as far back as 22 weeks.   If the law of the land permits a woman to choose to kill a viable fetus (also known as a baby) then the law is an ass."  Set up your personal moral framework, and choose. Choose to use contraception.  Choose to abort earlier, not later.  (Or choose to carry to term; you'll always have Obamacare). Choose wisely.

23 weeks - that's a baby.

By the way, I also like to poke conservatives with a stick; for example, I am opposed to the death penalty, and I actually agreed with the President regarding re-establishing relations with Cuba. But that's another blog post.

This is an okra blossom.

This is an hibiscus blossom.  Relatives!

Time for some happy stuff:  MY GARDEN.  Today I set about pulling some weeds, a long and arduous process that will only take three times as long as a "regular" person, i.e., someone without fibromyalgia.  I have to break up this project to get it done or die in the process. So far today I've gone out to work twice; stick a fork in me, I'm done.  Tomorrow is another day.

Slow going

I'm glad to have gotten some work done, but even gladder (is that a word?) to see flowers and veggies making their appearance.

I am beyond excited (okay, I lead a quiet life) that my magnolia trees are both full of blooms, and my kumquat tree is going to bear fruit.



I've got vegetables!

Maybe cucumbers

Japanese eggplants (see those pretty purple flowers)

Cherry tomatoes and flowers

Hey, I'm from Brooklyn, growing things to eat is a miracle!

Thai basil, taking over my herb garden

Dill, gone to seed

Blogger, gone to seed

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