Monday, January 4, 2016

C-Day on the Sunshine - Ain't No Sunshine When You're Gone

"C" is for cloudy ... and that's how it is on our seaday, which means sitting out on the balcony is less than optimal. (Oh, that I should always have such problems!) Yesterday it drizzled the entire day, which killed the joy for anybody who lives for the pool, or who enjoys sitting outside to eat, especially if lunch came from Guy's Burger Joint.

Doesn't matter.  The interior of this ship is quite enjoyable all on its lonesome, which Robert and I know well - this is our third time on board this particular behemoth. We broke fast at the Sea-day Brunch - Rob had steak and eggs while I had eggs Benedict, sitting on smoked salmon instead of ham - sublime! 

Most interesting, I ate half - that's one egg and half of an English muffin - and I kept it down, although I could feel it starting to get stuck.  I made myself relax, practiced a little tai chi and a few Jedi mind tricks and it worked.  I was even able to drink a cup of coffee with my meal, something I can never do.  Mind over matter? Seriously, it was the tai chi that did the trick.  

Does that mean I can enjoy lunch at Guy's Burger Joint?  Whoa ... and thank you, Sifu Tony!

We checked out the Cloud 9 Spa this morning, and found out which amenities come with our wonder-stateroom. Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the thermal suites.  Since I can't practice law anymore, I'll practice relaxation.

Sitting here in the Red Frog Pub, sipping Caribbean coffee (spiked!) 

while Rob tries out a beer with the improbable moniker Thirstyfrog Red

I don't think I could be any more relaxed, at least not with all my clothes on (naughty brkexpat) - is that why Vladimer Putin keeps taking off his shirt? (waving to Vladimer. I have a big following in Russia.) I'm not going to lie; I hurt kids, I really do. I had to take a meloxicam (Mobic) before getting dressed this morning, and 2 Advil and a Zantac before trying to leave the cabin. Truly I could have stayed in that comfortable bed all day. I think I made the better choice. 

Today is a serious eating day on the Carnival Sunshine. Besides the brunch, there was a cooking demonstration with copious samples at the steakhouse, a tea at 3:00, and it's formal night which used to mean lobster tails.  These days the menu includes sea scallops with truffled (blech) risotto, prime rib, and roast duck a la orange (yay). We decided to skip the cooking demonstration (come on, Carnival - change the damn menu for the demonstration!) but took advantage of our presence at Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse to make reservations for tomorrow's dinner. Like my blog, this ship is all about the food.  I usually lose weight during a cruise, but with my newfound ability to keep food down, who knows?

Today is also what would have been Bethe's 62nd birthday, the third birthday she is celebrating in Heaven. Although Rob and I usually toast to Bethe and Maurice on the first day of every cruise, neither one of us felt like having a drink with lunch yesterday. So we toasted them today with beer and spiked coffee. Happy birthday, Bethe, and thank you and Maurice for teaching us these cruise-crazy ways. I miss you and love you. Always.

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