Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Food of Love, the Love of Food - Six Ships Passing in the Night

I had just finished publishing yesterday's post when there was a knock on the wonder-stateroom door.

Seriously. I had forgotten about this little reward-for-being-a-loyal-Carnival-cruiser, because we did not get the chocolate strawberry plate on our last cruise. Because our last cruise was a 4-day cruise and the strawberries only show up on 5-day or longer trips. (Me and Horatio Cane are doin' a happy dance. A very slow, clumsy happy dance.) So what's the problem?

It's just that I'm drowning in food here. Yesterday's tea time was a glorious affair replete with cute little sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, and more. Fortunately we had chosen to skip lunch.

Cooking food is my joy, but really anything having to do with food cheers me immensely. Eating it, certainly, but since 2003 I do have certain limitations. Shopping for it, walking around a grocery, breathing in the smells of fresh bread and rotisserie chickens. Watching far too many cooking shows (I even woke up from gastric bypass surgery watching Food Network.) These cruises are an embarrassment of edible riches, and even though I can't do more than taste, they are definitely happy-making.

Seeing-eye lox

The strawberries, truffles, and French macarons went straight into the little room refrigerator. Hey, it's formal night tonight. Duck, scallops, prime rib, you remember.  But first, a methocarbomal tablet and a nap. Fibromyalgia takes an occasional break, but never, ever sleeps. And this boat is starting to rock. What goes up must come down. Like me.

Today (Tuesday) the weather is as bad as yesterday which means we won't be hanging out on the Serenity decks. Adults only, a private bar, and some really cool seating and lounging chairs. I know a lot of folks got off the boat here in Nassau, but I don't think they will have as much fun as they'd hoped. The weather has actually turned cold (by my standards anyway) with a wicked wind and desultory   drizzle.  We came back to the cabin after breakfast (nope, this meal did not stay down, sorry. Cuban cheese pastel, chicken croquette, and egg torta, and very tasty but too dry for my finicky esophogus) mostly to plan our next meal, but also look for some afternoon activities.

I had just convinced Robert to shut off the TV (he keeps having the same argument with President Obama and let's face it, he can't win a battle against The Man With A Pen And a Telephone) when there was a knock on the door. Robert answered it and then turned to come back with a puzzled look on his face and - you guessed it - a covered plate in his hand.  More food.  Nothing says "we're sorry" like a plate of sweet delicacies. Nothing says "thank you" like a plate of sweet delicacies. Do we see a pattern here?

A white chocolate fudge and some sort of almond confection-to-die-for.  Nicely played Carnival, nicely played.

We first cruised to Nassau in 2002 on the Norwegian Majesty (thankfully decommissioned shortly after). As ports go, it is marginally better than Freeport, but not enough to matter, and certainly not even close to the islands in the Caribbean, nor the east coast Mexican ports. However, it is an extremely popular port and all the cruise lines stop here.

The Disney Dream and an unidentified Royal Caribbean ship

In fact, I was pretty sure they were all here this morning.

The Carnival Fascination snuggles with the Carnival Sensation. Awww ...
Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind ...

A Regent ship making friends with Royal Caribbean's Something of the Sea

And now to finish this food-focused folio, I did get a burger from Guy's Burger Joint for lunch.

Those 2 bites were delicious! (Both ways.) Seriously, his burger concept is great. Thanks, Guy! (And thank you Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.)

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