Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Breathe Deep - Oy Vey Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Welcome sulphur dioxide,
Hello carbon monoxide
The air, the air is everywhere
Breathe deep, while you sleep, breathe deep

Can anyone explain to me why so many of us human beings are constructed to be so damn emotionally fragile?  Life is hard sometimes, and it doesn't help when our body chemistry betrays us as well.  Why should it be that the first thought of the day has to be "deep breath ... stay calm ... deep breath"?

The news is depressing.  Anarchy in France's so-called "no go zones".  Nancy Pelosi talking about it being a good time to raise the Federal gas tax.  Arguments about how political correctness is impairing the ability to fight terrorism.  Debates about the permissible consequences of free speech.  The world is making me nervous.  Deep breath.  Stay calm.

Om mani padme hum ...

This is the chronic pain syndrome, this is the fibromyalgia, this is something, some syndrome that fogs my brain and leaves me wrung out in every cell of my body.

I have been knitting.  Not too much, and not too fast, but knitting nonetheless, which I find soothing.

I have been stuck on this one post, which has been written and rewritten several times.  I think it must be time to wrap this one up and move on.  I haven't done much cooking the past few days, and no, we're not starving.  In one of those moments where the headache was blinding and my body hurt from  my shoulders to the back of my ankles, I literally threw together this crockpot dish.  To call it a recipe would be a joke, so consider having a chuckle or two while you eat them.

Oy Vey Teriyaki Chicken Wings

3 pounds frozen chicken wings, do not defrost
1 bottle Soy Vey brand Island Teriyaki Sauce

Coat the inside of a 6 quart crockpot with non stick spray.  Add all of the frozen wings. Pour the bottle of teriyaki sauce over all.  Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.  Stir occasionally during the cooking.  Remove the wings and some of the sauce to a baking pan.  Put under the broiler for a few minutes until the wings crisp up a bit.  Turn over each wing and return to the broiler.  You can serve them immediately, or refrigerate overnight and remove the excess fat the next day.

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