Thursday, January 15, 2015

Strolling Down the Chocolate Minty Mile

January 14, 2015 - It is so difficult to describe what it feels like.  It feels bad.  There are much worse pains, for sure.  It is just that these go on and on and on.  They make you tired.

I am so tired.

What makes it worse - or more weird - are the moments of  joy scattered in between the hours of  mind-numbing discomfort.  A good morning in court with our new judge.  A crazy happy greeting from my furry kids.  An order from the Fifth District Court of Appeals affirming a favorable ruling.  Sitting on the couch watching TV with my husband.  Laughing with my office peeps.  Listening to music.  Snapping pictures of Kissimmee street sculpture.  Exchanging Mel Brooks' quotes with my son.

Today I have the trifecta.  Pain from the back of my head to my lower back. Insane itching along my entire left arm and hand.  Constant movement in my feet and legs.  There's a little fibro fog in my head, but I can still function.  Sort of, anyway.

The eggplants are still sitting, unmolested, in my fridge while the lemon cupcakes shiver in frozen nakedness, still hoping I will cap each of them with a lemon frosting hat.  "Progress" is nothing more than a word of aspiration.

My back was breaking and then it wasn't.  The ibuprofen kicked in all of a sudden. (Insert smiley face).  Better living through chemistry indeed.  If only this blessed relief could outrun the inevitable exhaustion.

If only ... well, I may pay for it later, but I pushed forward to finish two projects that just had to get done.  The eggplant parmesan is all set up in the crock, but I'm leaving that in the refrigerator overnight and will fire up the crockpot tomorrow afternoon.  It should only take four hours, even coming right out from the fridge.  The other project involved cupcakes but not those lovely lemon jobs.  Those still wait to be properly dressed.

Tomorrow we are going out to lunch to celebrate a couple of January birthdays, including my friend Terry.  Usually, come Christmas I fill up a bag with all different variations of the chocolate mint theme for her, but this year I just did not make it.  So I baked some cupcakes tonight to help celebrate her birthday in chocolate minty style.  If nothing else, they came out awfully purty.

The cake is a basic white sour cream cake, made with a white cake mix, scooped into pretty pink paper and spotted with some chocolate mint chips.  The topping starts with Hershey's Special Dark frosting, mixed with some vanilla and pure peppermint extracts, and then piped extra high for a dramatic finish.  I just hope these taste as good as they look.

The eggplant is your basic layered parm with sauce and cheese, but I treated the eggplant a little differently with roasted garlic oil and Italian bread crumbs, then a short run in a 400 degree oven.  I also cleaned out my deli drawer of Italian cheeses, so no two cheese layers are exactly the same.

I'll type up the recipes tomorrow.  Right now I'm watching the Magic play the Houston Rockets.  It's been a nail-biter since tip-off.

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