Sunday, January 4, 2015

You Were Always on My Mind ... I've Got Chicken on My Mind

January 3, 2015:  First and foremost, I want to wish a happy 22nd birthday to my nephew Mark.  He is an EMT and also is studying at Lehigh University.  He's handsome, he's bright, he's funny.  A good son, brother, and nephew.
Number Two Niece and Number Two Nephew - Mark and sister Mara at her wedding November 2013

It is time to do some cooking.  Prepared food is running low, and that simply will not do.

I started out with nine different aluminum tins, but after combining, rearranging, and organizing, it all came down to this.  Another day or two at the most.  After that - rotisserie chicken, frozen pizza, or burnt ends from Jimmy Bear in St. Cloud.  Or I can cook.  You know my feelings on this.  Take out food is good - occasionally - but is not a daily substitution for home cooking.  You can see that last week we brought in Chinese food, but that was actually my birthday dinner as I did not feel like going out.  This week I really would like some burnt ends to bring home, but that still leaves a whole lot of home cooking to be done.  And I want some chicken.

But first, I've got to deal with my nails.  I need a fill, it's been a full month.  My problem is that I hate to sit still and do nothing.  Sitzfleisch.  Attention deficit disorder.  Get me outta that chair.

Okay, it was worth it, but there was no way I was going to make it through a pedicure.  I had an errand at CVS, where I found this:

This is as bad as Christmas decorations in July!  Everyone knows that Cadbury eggs are the first sign of spring.  (Not crocuses.  My second grade teacher was wrong.)  Putting them out alongside Christmas clearance candy is absolutely scandalous.  Other than that, I had a very good experience at CVS.  Besides the excellent service, loyalty has its rewards, and I saved a ridiculous amount of money.

Next, I treated myself to a trip to the brand-spanking new Hobby Lobby on Osceola Parkway.  The store actually opened on my birthday, but I restrained myself from even leaving the house on the day after Christmas.  It was worth the wait.  Not to be politically incorrect (not that I care) but I love shopping at Hobby Lobby.  I've been seriously off-track in my knitting, and was hoping a trip to Hobby Lobby would inspire me.

And oh, did it ever!

I have made a conscious effort not to buy any yarn - it has been well over a year - but the minute I laid eyes on that, I knew I had to get it, and I knew exactly which pattern I am going to make with it.  Those colors ... if that skein of yarn doesn't help jump start my knitting mojo, I don't know what will. I broke my self-imposed yarn purchase moratorium, added some old-fashioned candy to the order, and walked out smiling.

So I was feeling rather chipper as I headed back out to Publix to do my food shopping.  The lake was so gorgeous, I had to stop again, this time on the northern perimeter just off of Neptune Road.

These two shots (top & bottom) are facing southwest, towards Lakefront Park

Looking southeast towards Sunset Pointe, a gated community on the eastern lakeshore.

So beautiful at the lake ... peace in my soul ... chicken on my mind.  By this time, I had decided on a pretty simple recipe, buttermilk baked chicken, from the Neelys.  I don't particularly like the Neelys, but some of their recipes don't suck.  Let's hope this is one of them.

After my visit to Publix and a careful examination of their provisions and sale items, I decided what to cook over the next few days:

Buttermilk Baked Chicken
Meatloaf, Version ?
Potatoes O'Bacon
Alpine Cheddar Soup

I've already tampered with the chicken recipe.  Check back tomorrow for the results of my folly.

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