Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just Wanted To Say Hello

Although I am trying really hard not to think about cooking, my brain strayed to Hanukkah and latkes (potato and cheese) and other fried things (okra fritters, anyone?), so I checked on the actual starting date, and guess what?

We are not going to be home for the holiday!  Instead, Robert and I are going to be sailing around the Bahamas, taking a well-deserved break from our daily routine.  You can't get FOX News on the Carnival Sensation, and even CNN is spotty.

We are into Pre-Tax Season, and with that comes the Pre-Tax Season Cruise, which we broke into two pieces.  First comes 4 days on the Sensation, which literally means 4 days on the Sensation. Heading to the Bahamas, and we don't get off the ship. Don't need to.

As much as I am thinking about cooking, I haven't done a damn thing because the fibro has landed me practically flat on my back.  Since Friday I have been practically useless. Maybe totally useless. Except Saturday morning I did go to my tai chi class. When I'm in tai chi class, I feel good. I can stand up, even on one foot, and my heart slows down to a more normal rate. Pretty cool. 

I have so much to do, but I have to be patient and wait until I feel well enough to do them.  The heart palpitations are a totally new twist, as the Inderal has kept them under control for the past 35 years. These knock the hell out of me, not that I had much hell left to knock around. I really want to get back on track with my cookie baking, and I simply can't. I have oysters to fry, damn it. Hell, I want to get up to make another cup of coffee and I can't do that, either.

If anyone wants to join me for Words with Friends, c'mon down.  

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