Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Place To Hide

The good news: the Magic won again last night and I am planning to take a tai chi class today. Everyone tells me tai chi is helpful to older people and people with fibromyalgia. I am looking forward to it.

The bad news: Paris. Terrorists embedded in the fabric of our daily life. No place is safe, not in France, not here in the U.S.

Tell me again how Islam is the religion of peace. Tell me how you like having to live in fear, like the Israeli citizens have had to do every single day since 1948. Tell me again how Israel is at fault and Palestinians are the victims.

You know, of course, that the terrorists are here, just as they are in every European country. Pretending to be Westerners, Christians, atheists, anything but who they really are. Living among us, spying on us, planning our deaths. Muslim terrorists, pretending to be human beings, labeling us infidels, sentencing us all - Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, Wiccan and you name it - to die violently. To be attacked in our neighborhoods, at places we gather to relax, to play, to enjoy life.

If you know me, then you know I am a fan of mediation, negotiation, mutual agreement. But you cannot negotiate with people who train their children to kill, who are driven by crazed religiosity, who have no regard for the sanctity of life.  This is a tale as old as time, it will never change.  Forget boots on the ground. We need to initiate deadly air strikes. Time to do what should have been done a long time ago. Carpet bombing. Let's be honest for once - it took two very deadly bombs to end World War II. Time to take that terrible lesson to heart and end this travesty. We have been at war in the Middle East for FOURTEEN YEARS, more than twice as long as the Big One, WWII. Enough is enough.

I need to take a deep breath after that.  And a walk. There is an art festival in downtown Kissimmee, the weather is lovely, and I would like to stroll among the artwork. I've used up a hell of a lot of spoons this morning - tai chi class at 8:00, and then to BJ's for some shopping. The tai chi, which is taught by Sifu Tony Juron (Cory's kung fu instructor) at the ATA Mass Defense School on Murcott Drive in St. Cloud, was very enjoyable, and I will be going back for regular classes. BJ's shopping was straightforward enough, as I knew exactly what I was looking for. Happy Thanksgiving.    

The art festival was more about crafts and less about art, but it was a perfectly lovely day to stroll up and down Broadway Avenue with Robert and Horatio Cane, checking out the food trucks (a White Castle food truck, in Florida!) and some new restaurants. We picked up a menu from Big John's BBQ, which is in the building formerly occupied by One Sweet Sistah, and Rob's eyes lit up when we saw the chicken livers and gizzards.  We'll be back. We also ran into old friends from our days at Congregation Shalom Aleichem and had a really good chat.  

I spent my spoons wisely today, I think.  The cooking and baking can wait until tomorrow, although I did manage to make a pot of my very simple chicken noodle soup.  My puppy Romeo, who also answers to Puppy, made out like a miniature bandit, chowing down on bits of carrot, celery, yellow squash, and chicken.

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