Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something in the way she moves

Sometime during the night I must have done something to my neck - slept wrong, as if I ever sleep any other way - and am now in a type of pain I had only previously had nightmares about. It has affected my equilibrium to the point that if I try to stand or walk, I feel as though I am going to black out. The day is half over and I have not been able to leave my bed, much less head downstairs for a cup of coffee. All the doggies are with me; Romeo, my personal guardian, has as always planted himself close to me, and I am certain that if he had opposing thumbs he would be doing his darndest to fetch me that coffee.

My plans for today have turned into shit. Just making it downstairs, which I finally managed after more Advil and application of a cold compress, is going to be my solitary accomplishment. Oy, I had such plans! In anticipation of a bumper crop of zucchini, I puzzled out a recipe in which the zucchini will be stuffed with a crab cake filling, topped with pan fried oysters and a good drizzle of homemade remoulade. But I couldn't even get out of the house to buy the crab and oysters.

Which brings up another issue of greater importance, to me anyway.  My vision is deteriorating again, and I am concerned.  Just 6 months ago, I went for an eye exam because of problems with my eyesight, and at that time learned that what had been 20/550 vision for over 30 years was now a mind-shattering 20/750.  For a brief time the new glasses were a blessing, but after a few months I started to have problems yet again.  I would not trust myself to drive at night.  My daytime vision is getting frustratingly fuzzy.  I'll be making another appointment to have my eyes checked; I only hope that new glasses will solve the problem.  If not, I'll be looking for an opthamologist who takes my insurance.  

And so it goes. (You don't have to thank me for the earworm.)    

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