Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tai Chi Tuesday

My head is not working real good this morning, and I am really hesitant to get out of bed because I sense the presence of Pain right there at arm's length. Fortunately my phone was close enough for me to call the oddly-named Decent Nails and make an appointment for a fill (acrylic, baby, acrylic) and a pedicure. Those acrylic nails are the only reason my arms are not more torn-up than they already look; when the insane itching attacks my scrambled nerve endings, I scratch with a vengeance which leaves me looking like the victim of a particularly ugly form of violence. Since I made the appointment, I have to get up and out. My nail tech doesn't make house calls, but then neither does my doctor.

I started taking Tai Chi class on November 14, which means, if I can count right, tonight will be my seventh class. Part of my study is to keep a diary of sorts regarding Tai Chi, and so far that has been the most difficult thing to do.  I have many thoughts about Tai Chi, but have not been able to commit them to writing. Perhaps it is because I am not yet familiar with the Chinese terms (having responded to Korean instructions for so many years) nor am I able to easily recall which exercises we have done because of my faulty memory. Right now everything is experiential, and I can at least describe how I feel during and after the exercises (which are not exercises at all): I can float. Not in the literal sense, of course, but through a feeling of lightness. I can't yet fully explain it, which is why it is proving difficult for me to keep the diary. I will tell you that it is relaxing, both in body and mind. Normally it is easy for me to write - and write and write - and as you probably guessed, writing is my preferred means of expression - but I am struggling with this.

Today is also the day Rob and I were supposed to see Emeril, but that got rescheduled till April.  The week is still going to be a good one - dinner with friends on Friday night (really good Mexican) and then with more friends on Saturday night (Morimoto's!) and then we sail on Sunday afternoon.

Today, though ... a fine pedicure, including a massage of my lower legs. Do other people feel pain? I do, although it is not unbearable and does help to relax them. My skin is impossibly thin on my arms and legs, so I bruise easily. Pain is everywhere, damn it.

I am thinking about checking out Fortuna Bakery and Cafe for lunch or snack or something, since it is a 30 second walk from the nail salon.

The Magic are playing the Timberwolves tonight. They have been playing so good, I'm afraid to say anything for fear of giving them a kinehora.

So here's the day's recap: my nails and toes have been painted Big Apple Red, and I am feeling quite festive. Fortuna Bakery and Cafe should be on your list of Places To Go To Eat; I had a spinach and cheese pastry and a tres leche and if I had a good excuse to be in that part of Orlando today, I'd be trying a whole bunch of other stuff. Their pastry cases are gorgeous. The Magic won, that's four in a row, although they blew a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter proving that they like to live dangerously.

Tuesday's tai chi class was full of new and old stuff to learn, and I had a swell time, even if I was feeling a bit clumsy. As gentle as tai chi is, I still felt pain in my back, but that was likely from standing on my feet for too damn long while preparing and baking The Best Cookies In The World, also known as my mother-in-law's recipe for butter cookies.

And so it goes ...

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