Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tuesday in Nassau, Funky Nassau

Happy 4th night of Hanukkah. Chanukah. Whatever.

It's still raining. If I had paid good money for an expensive trip to Paradise Island, I'd be pissed. The day we went to Paradise Island several years ago, it was warm, sunny, and mostly boring. I used to get off the ship at Nassau to buy a certain perfume (First, by Van Cleef and Arpels) I could not find at a decent price back home, but I now have a certain perfume outlet back home, right next to the Walmart Grocery on W. Vine Street, that carries all of my pretty scents, with the exception of Estée Lauder's Azuree. Of course, nobody carries that one, which I fell in love with the summer I temped at Estée Lauder on Long Island.  If you live on the Island, you know exactly where it is.  My point is, we have no reason to leave this boat today, and besides, I spotted mussels and clams on the Mongolian Grill yesterday.

There are a couple of activities I've marked on today's schedule - Guess that Song: Classic Rock, at 3:30, and a Hanukkah Service at 5:15. I also took out our traveling chess set (courtesy of Carnival - we get some nifty gifts each time we sail, now that we are Platinum).

Speaking of Fantasy-class ships, look at the sweet little old lady sitting next to us in Nassau:

The grande dame, the oldest extant ship in the Carnival fleet, fraternal twin to this ship and the Ecstasy, still kicking up her heels in the Bahamas. Old like me, but still useful.

Damn, there were no mussels or clams at the Mongolian Grill today.

The Hanukkah celebration was surprisingly accurate and quite nice, with a BIG electric menorah, Hanukkah gelt, Manischwitz wine, challah, and the strangest (but tasty) latkes I'd ever been served.

The only bummer was overhearing that the event was not being announced, although the person running the event had asked for it to be.  I suppose someone, somewhere on this ship might object to the celebration of a religious event ... that is indeed sad. But other than that, we had a swell time.

The food has been pretty good lately.  Those 2 bites of tiramisu I had for dessert were awesome. As usual I freaked out the waiter, who worried that the food was no good, while Robert patiently explained for the 4,257th time that I am a very small eater.

I think I am getting my knitting mojo back, and I've made great progress on my Knitch mini-shawl during this trip. I did some coloring yesterday and it continues to relax me almost as much as Tai Chi. If I get crazy and combine Tai Chi breathing with coloring, I am so relaxed I could attend my own execution by firing squad.

Chag Sameach, and may your Hanukkah latkes stay crisp and your sour cream never curdle.

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