Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Miss Bill - and I'm going to miss Hillary

Here is your Today's Capricorn Horoscope
A new friend who's particularly enchanting will come along, inspiring you to do something you've always wanted to do. Don't even think about refusing.
Compatibility: Gemini
Mood: Energetic
Lucky Color: Silver
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Time of Day: 8am

My lucky time of day is going to be here in just 10 minutes.  Maybe I should run out and buy a bunch of lottery tickets.  I have never bought a lottery ticket, though, and wouldn't know how to start.  Nor could I make it to the 7-Eleven in time.  Still, I hate to waste a lucky time of day.  But I never engage in any activity that resembles gambling in any way, shape or form, so I'm sorry to say that the moment ... has ... passed.

Just wanted to jump in here and say that today's horoscope was just so wrong.  I was sequestered in my office all day, tearing apart files and preparing for trials.  I met nobody new, unless one counts the non-English speaking gentleman who graciously offered me a shopping cart in Walmart.  And there wasn't enough coffee in the world to bring my mood to energetic. 

And in the news ... the Legislature wants to "split" the Florida Supreme Court into civil and criminal divisions, which will give Governor Voldemort an opportunity to pack the court in such a manner as to cause FDR to go green with envy.  The Gov wants all state employees to submit to random drug screens, regardless of whether their job has safety issues, or there is probable cause, or it was a condition of employment ... meanwhile, the Secretary of The Agency has announced the creation of Three New Statewide Management positions.  I know I saw the word "liason" in there, and I have no idea what the other two highly paid neophytes are supposed to be doing.  I assume their inflated salaries are offsetting part of the raises us field agent types haven't received in over five years.  And gasoline topped out at $3.55 a gallon for REGULAR ... maybe the Gov can remind me exactly why he rejected the Federal money for the high speed rail ... who needs mass transit when you can run up a gas bill resembling the Iraqi war debt?

(CNN) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer she does not want to serve a second term as secretary of state or run for president of the United States.
I had such high hopes when Hillary announced her candidacy ... here was a candidate I felt I could support.  In the end, I walked into the voting booth (in a manner of speaking - they don't use booths here) and found myself pained by either choice.  Eight years under the misadministration of George W. Bush, and I was looking forward to a new day in America.  Hillary had the experience and the vision, and the ability to carry through.  I cannot help but think that economic recovery could have started long before this.  The years of Bill Clinton's presidency were good years for our family, and I so wanted to recapture that.  Instead, the majority got behind Barack Obama, a very bright man with good intentions, totally unequipped for the job he sought.  Yes young grasshoppers, Jimmy Carter was once a bright young man, a shining hope for the Democratic party, with a fresh new message for America and a lot of heartfelt ambition.

And we all know how that ended, don't we?

I love Little Rock, Arkansas.  We've been going there the last week in June for the past six or seven years, to attend the American Taekwando Association's World Championships.  Taekwando is a very big deal in my household, and in my family.  I am very proud of both my son and my husband, both of my brothers-in-law, my Number Three Niece and Number Four Niece, all of them black belts of varying ranks.  Both my son and my Number Three Niece are certified taekwando instructors.  My husband was the ATA World Champ in his age group for sparring in 2007, and is currently ranked number two in the world for sparring in his age group, 2nd and 3rd degree black belts.  I happen to be a brown belt, not too shabby even though I do fight like a girl.

So we spend a lot of time attending competitions in Florida and Georgia.  The boys compete, and I have a mini-vacation.  We spend time with friends who have also traveled to compete.  The fall nationals are held here in Orlando, at the Walt Disney World of Sports, while the spring nationals are held in Las Vegas.  We made it one year, but it falls out during Tax Season, and it has been too difficult to manage it again.  I can dream ... about Barry Manilow, returning to Mesa Grill, and checking out a lot of other restaurants.  Every Labor Day weekend we spend in Panama City Beach for the Grand Master's Battle on the Beach.  This past January, we also attended the Black Belt Nationals, which are held in Dallas, Texas.  We freakin' DROVE there, stopping overnight in New Orleans each way. 

But my favorite remains Little Rock.  I feel at home there.  I know my way around, where to shop, where to eat, where to stay.  Little Rock loves the ATA and we visitors are very well treated.

And yes, that is the Clinton Museum Store ... one of my "must do" stops every year.  I have been collecting Socks the Cat  and "I Miss Bill" memorabilia for a while now ... and did I mention Little Rock has some of the best 'cue in the world? 

For the "I'm just here for the food" contingent:  I'm feeling completely turned around backwards, as I got the recipe post done before this chatty blog post.  So the dates don't match, but once you taste the braciole, you won't care.  Cory said it was "really good."

Cook like there's nobody watching, and eat like it's heaven on earth.

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