Monday, March 14, 2011

We have rules for that sort of thing ...

The Miami Heat are set to play the San Antonio Spurs at 8:00 on ESPN.  Bones is on TNT at 7:00, and NCIS is also on at 7:00.  So is Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.  Monday hasn't been a good night over at Food Network since Emeril Live went off the air.  Oh, but wait!  Emeril Live is on Cooking Channel at 7:00, followed by four episodes of Ciao America with Mario Batali.  I know where I'm going tonight.  And the Orlando Magic are playing the Lakers at 10:30 ...

It is Monday night, the end of a day I do not care to repeat.  Busy, crazy, boisterous.  The good news is that 20% of the week from hell is now officially over.  The bad news is that it gets worse from here, and there is still 80% to go.  Tomorrow is too awful to even talk about.

Anyway, I'm always exhausted on Monday, probably from the anticipation of returning to work after a too-short weekend.  Sometimes I crash on the couch, but today I made plans.  I set out some rules that I intend to follow to make my Monday night respite truly relaxing, and might I say, even memorable.

The Rules:
No staying in the office any later than 5:30.
Drive straight home.  No shopping, not even 7-Eleven.
No cooking. (I sliced a meatloaf.  Oops.)
No cleaning. (This one was easy.)
No sitting around in work clothes (It's okay to take off your bra before midnight.)
Watch TV, preferably reruns.  (Less need to think.)
Eat junk food, joyously.
Knit until the cows come home.
Oh yeah, no blogging.

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