Monday, March 28, 2011


Just want to brag on my kid, who had a grand time at MegaCon, actually getting to meet one of his (and my) all time favorites:

When it was Cory's turn, he went up to him, said "Hello, Mr. Shatner," shook his hand and wished him a happy birthday (my kid is such a mensch!)  This may not seem like much to you, but I could not have done the same thing, as I am painfully shy and have been so my whole life. 

In 1977 or thereabouts, I went to my very first Star Trek convention, which was held in New York City, and where I worked at the time.  If I remember correctly, Leonard Nimoy was scheduled to appear, but I can't remember if I was able to see him.  I do remember being in one of the large ballrooms, and George Takei was chatting with a group of trekkies, not more than 20 feet from where I was standing, looking very friendly and very approachable.  I did not have the nerve to get any closer, and certainly not to ask for an autograph or a photo.

That hasn't changed, despite the passage of years and the acquisition of a law license which requires me, among other things, to stand up in a roomful of people and argue my case.  Somehow it just isn't the same - ask my husband, who, during the Disney Food and Wine Festival, was chatting with Bobby Flay like they were old friends, while I backed away into the shadows.  Or my son, who posed happily next to Wolfgang Puck, while I only got close enough to take the picture.

I'm trying, I really am ... why, just a year or so after missing my opportunity with Bobby Flay, I actually smiled at Ming Tsai as he handed me a plate of food he had prepared.

Speaking of food preparation, I am trying out a smaller deep dish pizza recipe.  I'm thinking maybe I took the whole stuffed pizza concept to an extreme, because there is cheese oozing up and over the crust.  That pizza could get a guest shot on the SyFy network ... well, as it turns out, the pizza was tasty but unwieldy, so I find myself uninspired to share the recipe.  Better luck next time.  Now I've got to clean the oven.

For no particular reason, my favorite subway map:

With this map, I could go anywhere.  It made such perfect sense, was clear and easy to read.  If only Life was like my subway map ...

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