Sunday, March 6, 2011

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, Part Deux

I have a sneaking suspicion that the managers at the Hunter's Creek Publix are not reading my blog:

Incidentally, while I am poking gentle fun, I am here to tell the world that my Publix is the best, ever.  I've been shopping there since the day it opened and I love it.  It is always immaculate, the shelves are always well stocked, and the people who work there rock.

Despite the fact that the witching hour has come and gone and normal people in this time zone are sleeping, I have some food prep to do for tomorrow.  It won't take long, but it does bear explaining.

The recipe for Emeril's Texas-Style Smoked Brisket can be found at the Food Network site.  I have made it before, having rigged up a smoker in our very old, sadly departed 25 year old gas grill, and it is simply one of the best things you will ever eat.  I hope it works out as well in the smoker compartment that is part of our new gas grill.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow. 

Vintage Tupperware measuring spoon in a 1970's color. Bet I could sell it on eBay!

One of the most important things for successful smoking of any meat or poultry is the dry rub.  You can see the brisket in the picture above, well-trimmed, and the ingredients for the rub.  The recipe makes a lot of rub, and you use the whole thing.  Then you have to let it sit at least 6 hours or overnight, which is why I am up doing this at such a ridiculous hour.

You also want to make sure the brisket is covered with the rub on all sides before you wrap it in plastic.  It is now taking a long nap in the outside refrigerator, nestled next to its cousin, the corned beef brisket.  Pleasant dreams.

And now, from the "so how could it be bad?" department:

I snagged a package of well-priced turkey legs while I was shopping, and decided I wanted them fruity.  They are in the crockpot now, cooking on low until the turkey is tender.  If they taste good, I'll be sharing the recipe.  If not, this conversation never took place. UPDATE:  After 8 hours the turkey legs are meltingly tender and tasty.  They are also fall-off-the-bone messy, so I have to figure out the best way to serve them.  The sauce is delicious and although it starts out looking thin, once I turned off the heat and let everything cool, it started to thicken slightly. 

After considering rice and couscous, I decided to leave it as is, or at least until I can make some mashed potatoes.  Look at that picture ... you know you were thinking mashed potatoes!  Anyway, the recipe can be found at the Inspiration Nation Recipe blog.

Getting ready to smoke the brisket ... the smoker is preheating, the brisket is coming to room temperature, and the wood chips are soaking.

I've got two more dishes going forward today.  One is, of course, the Louisiana crab and corn bisque, a recipe I found on a rather neat travel site for Lafayette, Louisiana.  The other is a Big Chicken Dish, sort of like a cacciatore on steroids.  Chicken thighs were $1.59 a pound.  Zucchini and yellow squash were on display, looking fine.  I would have liked to add chunks of eggplant as well, working a caponata or ratatouille theme, but eggplant wasn't available.  I want it to be served over some sort of pasta, so I'll be working with sauce instead of just tomatoes.  And best of all, I'm making this up as I go along, so buckle your seatbelt. 

Banzai!  Oven roasted vegetables ... herbes de provence ... oh peeps, meet me over at the recipe blog, I've got that old time inspiration ...

Just to review today's cooking:
Emeril's Texas-Style Smoked Brisket
Louisiana Crab and Corn Bisque
Sweet But Messy Turkey Legs
Big Chicken Dish, working title Chicken Ratatouille

Cook like there's nobody watching, and eat like it's heaven on earth.

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