Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

I do not know if it is exhaustion or some other condition, but my knitting continues to move slowly, much too slowly.   Today I was all set to knit while I sat on the couch after work, but instead I kept falling into a fitful sleep, waking only long enough to watch the Magic lose to the Atlanta Hawks.  I wish I'd slept through that.

While I finished Kink this past weekend, it seemed to have taken forever, and now I am slogging away on the Cat's Paw Scarf.  This will be the last scarf of the season, as the weather is getting warmer and I usually focus on smaller, cooler items - like socks.  I haven't made any real progress on the Spiral Galaxy Socks in at least a week.  If there is such a thing as knitter's quicksand, I am stuck in it.

I committed the innocent mistake of checking out Ravelry, and almost immediately came across this pattern for Rose Garden socks.  I am in love with them, and if only I could finish the five other pairs of socks I have in various states of completion on needles, I would immediately run out to try to find a yarn that comes close to the one that was used here.  I am absolutely crazy about the colorway, and I am a sucker for lace patterns, and this one is a beauty. 

So many projects, so little time. 

I have been closeted in my office, preparing for a trial for too long, it seems, and I was actually relieved to have a break by going to court for some arraignments.  Maybe it's the weather which is as stormy as Charlie Sheen's love life.  It started to clear a little, but at 4:55 PM the sky turned as black as night and another storm hit.  Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me, and everyone else, as there was a tornado warning a little north of us.

Fortunately, the whole Bohemian Rhapsody passed rather quickly.  My spider friend was totally washed out, though.  I hope she has the fortitude to rebuild.

Things continue to go from bad to worse in Japan, and the Fukushima plutonium leak is being compared to the Chernobyl disaster.  Low levels of radiation have been detected in milk in the city of Spokane, Washington.  The news is uniformly bad, the one exception being about a poll that was conducted here in Florida which indicates that Rick Scott, aka Governor Voldemort, "may be the most unpopular governor in America."  According to Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas "Scott's numbers are so bad that if there was a do-over of the November election, Alex Sink would win by 19 percentage points. Moammar Gadhafi could beat him at this point, if he's checking out asylum options.  Even 20 percent of Republicans who voted for Scott would vote against him now. He is a dead man governing."  That cheered me up considerably, but he can still do a lot of damage in the three years and nine months he has left in office.

On to happier news ... I was extremely pleased and proud to learn that my Number Two Niece has started her own food blog, Yummy Meals Under $20.  She has been my sous chef in the past, and often posts pictures over on Facebook of some darn delicious looking dishes she has prepared.  Cooking and eating (not necessarily in that order) most definitely runs in our family.

Number Two Niece and Number One Son are introduced, 1987

Number Two Niece and her Auntie, after a cooking marathon, 2009

I have started thinking about chicken francese, clam chowder, corn fritters, creamy tomato soup, and whole roast pig.  But that is most definitely another blog post.

Cook like there's nobody watching, and eat like it's heaven on earth.

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