Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning has broken ...

... and thank goodness it is no longer Monday.

Mornings suck and Monday mornings suck worst of all.  This is a statement of Truth, with a capital "T", and like other statements of Truth brook no argument.  One cannot argue the fact that George W. Bush was the worst president of my lifetime, and that only the even-numbered Star Trek movies were worth watching.  Monday was it's usual awful self, and I slogged through mountains of paperwork, which then miraculously reappeared shortly after I moved them to be copied, or for a motion to be drafted.  Now I know how Bill Murray's character felt in "Groundhog Day."  By Monday evening I was cranky, and in no mood to cook anything.

Tuesday evening I prepared the Louisiana Corn and Crab Bisque.  Feh.  It was just barely alright the first time around, and I can tell you now it does not pass the "reheat" test, whereby a melange of great ingredients marry in the refrigerator to create an even better leftover. 

I do have a recipe for a terrific Cajun bisque, replete with andouille sausage, artichoke hearts, crawfish tails and other stuff which never fails to please my audience.  I promise to share that next time I prepare it, so there will be pictures to go with the recipe.

I started a new sock ...

. . . which is coming along nicely since I took this picture.  I am trying to knit a little bit each day, whether at home or at the office during a break, which I haven't had since I took 5 minutes to cast on, so this has all been taking place at home.  I'm learning to watch the Magic and knit at the same time.  Kind of hard to do when I stand up, wave my arms around and holler at the referees.  But I'm getting there.  And so are the Magic.

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