Sunday, March 22, 2015

Places to go, people to see - Next Year in ...

Saturday - What the frog is wrong with this blog today??? I have had to delete my last two attempts to start the paragraph with the letter "I".  The damn thing keeps freezing - in Florida, no less!  Sheesh - all this just to tell you I am roasting a whole tomato. Not any tomato, mind you, but a yellow heirloom that has been sitting around at room temperature for at least a week, waiting for its proper disposition.

While the tomato is giving its all for culinary science, my mind wanders to Passover, the quintessential Jewish Eating Holiday.  This year, the first night of Passover falls out on April 3, 2015.  All Jewish holidays start at sundown, as does Shabbat (our Sabbath).  Why? The answer is in Genesis  1:5 (And there was evening, and there was morning, one day). There is no Passover service that takes place in temple; this is a home service, and it is all about eating.  Food is always symbolic, but never more so that for Passover.  It has been a long time since I planned a proper seder and under the circumstances I'm not even up to an improper one. One box of matzo should do us for the entire holiday, yup.

By the way, the roasted tomato was a bust.  Feh.

At the conclusion of the seder, we say "next year in Jerusalem."  At the conclusion of  this year's "seder", which will probably be meatloaf eaten at the kitchen counter, I'm going to say "next year in Anchorage!"  My cousin Maura and I are planning this for 2016, and God willing we are going to make it.

Today it was Indiana's turn to accompany me on my walk.  It was a rough day, as the humidity was much higher than I anticipated.  He wanted to walk on the leash rather than ride in the stroller, but he's not a great walker, pulling me this way and that to look at things.  I got some good photos, though.  No cooking today.  Rob and I had cheese and crackers for dinner, and I gave Chelsea a much-needed bath.  She loves her bath, but hates the blow dryer.  I'm not sure she's speaking to me.  A quiet day.

Some different views of the Old Courthouse

The angles caught my eye, and my camera caught the angles

The site of the last execution in Osceola County

An odd place for this plaque

I never tire of looking at this building

Indiana Jones, setting hat fashion yet again

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