Sunday, July 26, 2015

Art to Art - Perfect Iced Coffee

Anakin admiring a Linda LeKinff, from her cat series.  
Another LeKinff, musical instrument series, is on the right.

We discovered Park West, the cruise ship art dealer, on our very first cruise in 2001.  It's been a good couple of years since we purchased anything - not because we've stopped cruising, but because we've already gotten quite a lot of good stuff over the years, complimenting a gorgeous collection of needlepoints created by my mother-in-law, and original art from members of my side of the family.

My favorite needlepoint

I've lived in three different houses since 2001, and each one had different amounts of available.wall space. The worst house for available wall space was, oddly enough, the largest of the three houses. Lots of open spaces and glass made it a very modern Florida home, but most of our wall hangings, including my favorite needlepoint, were stored away and unseen for eleven artless years.  I think the best house in terms of wall space was our first house in Hunter's Creek, but this old house in Kissimmee isn't bad at all.  Of course a good part of that space is on the office side of the building, so Rob is going to end up having the nicest accounting office in Osceola County.

For all the years we lived in the second Hunter's Creek house, I had a perfect view of my favorite Tarkay print.  In fact no matter where you stood in the kitchen, family room, dining room, or foyer, you were going to see it.

It now hangs in a place of honor in this house - guests won't see it, but Rob and Cory and I will see it every day, first thing before we even make it to the first floor.  I'm very happy with how that worked out, and I don't get very happy very often.

I have been getting a lot of good advice, and support, and sympathy from family and friends regarding my turtle-paced movement towards state and federal retirement disability.  I have learned a lot from those who have had to follow similar paths.  I am going to try to put it all together and get this thing done.  I will try to consult with a lawyer for whom this is a specialty.  My head still doesn't work and besides, this is an area of law I know nothing about.

Three generations of needlepointers

There are still a couple of recipes I owe from yesterday's post, and I want to get them typed and printed before I move on to today's cooking adventure (Ichiban Caponata!)  The first one is easy, as I am going to link you to the Pioneer Woman's recipe for Iced Coffee, and then call it a night.

The PW is Ree Drummond and I love her just like I love the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten.  Both the PW and the BC stick close to home with their cooking, both have adorable husbands, and both do the kind of cooking I am crazy about.  I have all of their cookbooks and I rely on them for a bunch of recipes.  The PW makes this iced coffee, and now that I've made it and enjoyed it these past few days, I might just start calling it caffeine crack.  If you are a caffeine addict, like me, if you need a break from hot coffee, like me, and if you think Starbuck's price are practically confiscatory, like me, you will leave your house NOW - I know it's 2 AM, but Walmart is open 24 hours - to buy the few things you will need. My biggest problem was finding a container that would fit between my refrigerator shelves.  I'm telling you, go to Walmart.  I paid $1.98 for each of these, and they work perfectly.

The PW calls this Perfect Iced Coffee.  I agree, and I even bought new straws to use when drinking this glorious stuff.  I followed her recipe exactly, although it took some complicated (to me) math so that the ingredients would fit in the smaller containers I had purchased.  Basically it works out that for every ounce of coffee (and I weighed the coffee grounds in my little kitchen scale, which I never get rid of because you never know when I might wake up 80 pounds heavier and decide that I need to go back on Weight Watchers), you will need 2 cups of very cold water.  Remember that if you have a 2-quart container, you cannot put a full 2 quarts of water in there because the coffee takes up a good bit of room.

Okay look, math was my worst subject in school, so work this out yourself to adapt to your personal stash of containers.  Also, if you don't have cheesecloth, use paper towels, two pieces which are placed perpendicular to each other.  I like the paper towel method, and also use it for straining chicken soup.

Once you taste this iced coffee, you don't have to thank me.  You might, however, want to thank Ree.

If anyone out there has any extra prayers they would like to use in a good cause, please think of my cousin Cary, who is having some surgery on Monday, and for his wonderful wife Maura. Cary's mother and my grandmother-who-raised-me were sisters - think the Duras sisters from the Klingon Empire - and he is especially dear to me as we go way back (at least as far as my birth - he's 8 weeks older than me) spending weekends together during most of our childhood.  Thank you for your good thoughts, I know they will help.

And a very happy birthday to my godson Peter, and to Iris, daughter of my friends Mark and Sandy.  Iris is nine months pregnant, so next year, we might be wishing happy birthday to yet another.

A cat's a cat, and that's that

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