Friday, February 27, 2015

A Month, A Birthday, A Life

For such a short month, February is big on birthdays, and today is no exception.  Happy birthday to my cousin Gary - well actually, my cousin Sheryl's husband Gary - well, more precisely, my husband's cousin Sheryl's husband Gary - well, you get it.  We're family, and it's his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Grandpa!  I mean, Gary!  Boy, does time fly or what?

This has been a bizarre morning, full of aches and chills. Yes, chills. In Florida.  And just now, having committed myself to standing upright to get dressed for work, I feel light-headed, almost woozy.  Back hurts (what else is new?), as does my stomach.  Ahh, crap.  Throw me out and start over.

Ah ha, I made it into the office and thereafter to court for an emergency hearing.  I hobble triumphant!  I'm still waiting to be heard - another rather passionate hearing has preceded mine - but in the meantime, I am enjoying the hearing. Fabulous advocacy. And that's all I can say about that.

In some ways, it is a true shame that the public is essentially unaware of

Dill pickle soup
Mississippi mud brownies
Hoisin chicken wings
Potato salad

I made garlic bread last night - and have eaten it for breakfast - and cooked off the bacon from the open package, so the boys can snack happy.  Then there's my newest  toy, and I can use some of that bacon in a grilled panini with cheese and tomato. Ooh la la!

I was in the middle of drafting this post when I saw the news that Leonard Nimoy had passed away.  For one moment I thought I might lose my composure right there in court. I was just 13 when I first saw Star Trek in 1966, and I was immediately smitten with the stories and the characters.  The Star Trek universe was, and remains, very real to me.  After all, no one questions that Gene Roddenberry was a visionary.  With all that, my favorite character was Nimoy's Spock, half-human, half Vulcan, never really fitting in anywhere.  I suppose I could go on and on about Leonard Nimoy, but all of the news agencies have already done so, and there have been the heartfelt postings from former cast members.  What I do want to say is that Leonard Nimoy was a mensch, and that the world - no, the universe - will be a poorer place with his passing.

I apologize for the unfinished post, but I'll pick up on it tomorrow.

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