Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mark this day - Happy birthday to you!

Wednesday - Oh hell, back feels broken.  Let's work on sitting up straight, shall we?  The Yorkies are all downstairs napping (it's hard work waking up, walking down the steps, eating, and peeing) so Anakin is up here with me, enjoying some Mommy and Me time.  I love my doggies, and I know they love me, but nothing beats the love from a purring kitty.  Yes, I am a cat person.

I have another full day ahead of me, so while I am moving slowly, I will make it in to the office.  No court for the rest of this week, which right now is a tremendous relief.  Catching up with paperwork while trying to adapt to the very stringent requirements from a new judge has been stressful, and stress is bad - for everyone, but particularly for folks with chronic pain disorders.  I'm going to grit my dentures and carry on.

I took another look at the recipe for dill pickle soup, and I am still determined to make it, but it needs a little tweaking.  Just a tiny bit.  We'll see if I can manage a trip to Publix later.

Ah ha!  One step closer to making that dill pickle soup.  I stopped into Publix on the way home and snagged a couple of potatoes and a bunch of green onions.  That bit of shopping plus my work during a shortened day knocked me out.  But I did manage to work for most of the day, so I consider it a victory.  Now that I have all the ingredients, including some kick ass pickles, it's just a matter of time.  Let's hope I gather enough energy to cook the soup before the potatoes sprout and become inedible.

Speaking of time passing, I want to wish my very dear friend Mark a very happy birthday.  Hopefully he is celebrating his 62nd with more decorum than his 18th. Heheh. Yes, I know him that long.  We started college together at New Paltz in 1970 and have been friends ever since.  I have trouble believing that much time has passed, but Mark has two grown children, two grandchildren (twins), and another on the way, so I have to believe it.

Happy, happy birthday, old friend, and may you have many more happy and healthy years to celebrate with family and friends.

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