Saturday, April 18, 2015

Don't Need to Needle Me Anymore

Friday, Day 33, continued - Ouch. I'm done, but please don't stick a fork in me. I've had quite enough of that today.  I decided to forego the prescription for a pain-killer and went to Race-Trac for frozen yogurt instead.  For now I am just a little sore and hoping it doesn't flare into anything more dramatic, but my whole left side is starting to rebel from the earlier indignities and that ice pack feels good.

If I understood correctly, the lump did not, unfortunately, collapse when punctured.  That necessitated a series of entries deep into my left breast, a procedure involving pressure and sharp pinches and the loud click of metal, five different times.  Bummer indeed.

I now have an appointment every day next week, including the last day before we cruise, and that one to find out the results of today's tests.  I still believe everything is going to come out benign, and I am pleased that the surgeon is taking every possible precaution in examining the anomaly.

But this whole experience is wearing me down, physically and emotionally, and I feel like I'm back at the beginning of this nightmare, 33 days ago.  I hurt, I'm exhausted, and I'm depressed.

I was, however, able to appreciate the beautiful blooms on my hibiscus that appeared just in time for our return from the surgeon.

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