Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Om Padme Mani Hum - Waiting Is

Tuesday, Day 25 - Om Padme Mani Hum. Om Padme Mani Hum. Fear is the mind-killer ...

Oh my God, the last 10 days have been rough!  I still have not been able to process the whole thing.  The colonoscopy - twice - preceded by three days of disgusting preparation.  All that anesthesia in my system.  Just as well, it was the only sleep I got for three days.  The mammogram - one girl got pinched - the ultrasound - slimy gel all over my poor girls - and then, the wait for results.

The results - a few minor bobbles.  Needing more calling, more scheduling, more waiting.  Watched the news, watched "Chopped", watched "Marvel:Agents of Shield"; I'm beginning to feel the way Raina looks.  Now add prickly to fretful and grumpy.

I tried to eat, I really did.  I gave into my fast food cravings and picked up a junior whopper.  No cheese.  Small onion rings.  Back in the day, my idea of a fine lunch.  That first bite, so good.  Second bite too.  Two onion rings.  And that's it, my passing acquaintance with protein and fat.  

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