Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Joy to the World - Welcome Baby Kate

Top of the news, and the best news of all.  This morning our family welcomed its newest member.  Her name is Katelyn, and she is perfect. My cousins Sheryl and Gary have become grandparents for the fifth time, and such very good grandparents they have been and will continue to be. From the bottom of my heart I send blessings and best wishes to Kate's parents, Stephanie and Corey, and her big brother Jake.

With such happy news forming the background of the day, I shouldn't be cranky, but I am. If I was a character in a Harry Potter novel, I would be Moaning Myrtle. With 67 year old grandmother Hillary Clinton having announced her candidacy, I shouldn't feel like an achy old woman, but I do. And with tax season drawing to a close tomorrow, and our cruise just 11 days from today, I shouldn't be irritated, but I am.  There must be a disturbance in the Force.  I know part of it has to do with my continued heightened concern for my cousin in California.  Surely it doesn't help that I've been through an endoscopy and still cannot eat like anything approaching a normal person.  Unless normal people subsist on chocolate, salty snacks, Danish butter cookies and pimento cheese.  Wouldn't that make an awesome basket on "Chopped!"

Yesterday's ducks 

I've been thinking about doing some baking. But first, I need a walk in the sunshine and some music in my ears to clear my head of this annoying negativity.  I'm thinking about baking hamantaschen, and I need some time to decide which recipe I am going to follow.  Yes, I know Purim is long gone, but answer me this - would you really turn down a homemade hamantaschen because it was being offered out-of-season?

Today's cooking

So, I've chosen to make Mama Leah's recipe for hamantaschen, except I'm too tired to even take the flour out of the pantry.  That salad represents the full extent of my cooking for the day.

What a terrific walk!  A beautiful day, a deep blue sky with fluffy clouds and lots of sunshine.  All that Vitamin D cheered me up and wore me down. The two are not mutually exclusive. Very glad I took my hat along, and I got some great snapshots.  I am exhausted, however, and I can't promise I won't start kvetching again.  It's in my genetic make-up.

I have a bunch of papers to fill out for the surgical consult tomorrow, but my head is having one of those foggy moments I so despise.  Worse than that, the head fog thing has seriously, negatively impacted my ability to knit.  There is some research out there to suggest that the act of knitting is an excellent fog-cutter, and while I should probably adopt the slogan, "Knitter, Heal Thyself" and act upon it, I continue to procrastinate.

I walked to the lake taking the "back way", up dirt roads and over a private railroad crossing, eventually finding my way to an Adirondack chair, looking out over the water.  Before I got there, I got photos of some extraordinary houses.         

At the end of the day I did pick up my knitting needles while watching "Marvel: Agents of Shield." Glad I did, as it kept me from using my hands to shred my skin.

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