Friday, April 17, 2015

Loquat Lately - Buttered Waffle Toast

Thursday, Day 32 - I finally figured out how I would like to use the loquats in a savory recipe.  Just in time to notice that the overripe fruit has fallen from the tree, or rotted outright on the branch.  There will be no stuffed pork chops in the immediate future. Bummer.

A rather sad-looking rose in the midst of weeds; a survivor, notwithstanding

I spent most of today involved with (yet another) doctor - traveling there, waiting, over an hour speaking with her, traveling back, dropping off prescriptions, picking up prescriptions ... you'd think I was sick or something. Since I have been going back to all the doctors I haven't seen for 8 or 10 years, it has been like some kind of bizarre old home week - or month.

Still worried about my cousin.  His procedure did not go smoothly, and the doctors are set to try a "do-over" next week, using a more serious device to get into the clogged arteries.  I get sick thinking about it.  Speaking of procedures, I have an office procedure scheduled for tomorrow with the surgeon; my poor girls are going to be subjected to involuntary acupuncture of sorts, with biopsies to follow.  I had so much tissue removed for biopsy during the multiple procedures I endured over the last month and a half, you would think I would have lost some weight. Ha.  Just kidding.  Still waiting for official word of results.

Friday, Day 33 -  This is the third, or maybe fourth, day of insane itching, which leads to crazed scratching which results in crankiness.  Mine. Fortunately that has been partially offset by my breakfast of toasted buttered bread.  I know, simple minds, simple pleasures.  But wait!  This is rather fabulous toast as it was made using my new griddler waffle plates. As you may remember, the griddler is my new favorite appliance, one of the very few - Keurig and toaster and that's it - appliances that I leave on the counter. This is the same appliance that, with the grill plates in place, made The Best Damn Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Waffle makers are hot property right now, as Facebook and the Internet put up new and interesting ways to use them, like omelets and French toast.  Not just any French toast, but French toast made from a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

I have a lot to think about after my lengthy conversations with the therapist and the psychiatrist.  Fear really is the mind-killer, and I am afraid of a great many things.

Like this procedure.  I suddenly realized that last time I had a core biopsy done, I was knocked out cold, because I was also having the more invasive tumor removal under my right arm.  This time I get a Valium about an hour before the procedure, and the areas that are going to be punctured - best verb I could come up with - will be numbed.  I will likely be awake, Valium notwithstanding.  What are the chances that I am going to feel pain?  Put your bets down, ladies and gents!

I am afraid of many other things, most of them illogical (Leonard Nimoy voice here).  Those are the ones I have to think about.

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