Sunday, April 5, 2015

Woody's Excellent Adventure

Saturday - Having exhausted my own list of doctors, this morning I headed over to my kids' doctor.  The veterinarians at Hunter's Creek Animal Hospital have cared for every single one of my furry kids, the only exception being Ira the First.  (We shall not take this moment to extol the virtues of rats as pets nor compare them to their crazed cousins, the hamsters).

After I wrote that, I realized I had piqued my curiosity and made a list of all of my pets who have been treated at Hunter's Creek Animal Hospital. Whoa. Ten cats, six  dogs, all needing regular care, medication, boarding - I must have put somebody's kid through college.        

Dora the First (Little Dora)
Ira the First (El Exigente, the Demanding One)
Minerva Athene (Minerva the Claw)

Pixel Piacentino (Lord Pixel, Schrodinger's Cat)
Zebadiah John Carter (Zebbie)
Princess Polly Ponderosa Penelope Peachfuzz (Polly the Paw)

Ira Cesar Arana Castaneda Morris the Second

Emeril Lagasse (Em the Street Cat)

Dejah Thoris (Deety)
Dora the Second (Dora Maureen, Dodi Li)

Romeo Lee (Puppy - yes, he thinks his name is Puppy)
Anakin Skywalker (Darth Kitten, Lord Vader)

Athene Minerva (Teena)

Tuffy Elvis

Woodrow Wilson Smith (Woody)

Indiana Jones

Chelsea Rose

I never had pets as a kid; my first cat, Ira Cesar Arana Castenada Morris the First (El Exigente, The Demanding One) came to live with me in 1976. I can only imagine I've been trying to make up for lost time.

The vets at HCA are the best.  My favorites are Dr. Jim Vega, who took such exquisite care of Ira through diabetes, seizures, and cancer, and Dr. Valerie Marino.  It was Dr. Marino we were visiting this morning to try to find out why Woody was acting so weird.  Hiding in the corner of the kitchen, behind Anakin's litter box; sleeping in the dustpan,  drinking extra water, losing weight, refusing treats, that sort of thing.  Concerning because he will be 12 in November, a dog of mature years teetering on the edge of old age.  Sort of like me.    

But he was fine this morning, proud to be walking on Tuffy's blue leash, lifting his leg at the fire hydrant in front of our house and showing the world who is in charge, riding in the front seat by himself and not having to share with a sibling or two.  He showed his vulnerable side inside the vet's office, but just enough to garner sympathy and extra hugs, and then he decided which door we should exit through (the door that had "EXIT" written on it, of course. This boy can read).  As if that wasn't exciting enough, we went shopping! in a new! Petsmart! and helped me pick out a few things while receiving admiring glances from canine as well as human females.   That pretty dachshund wanted to make his acquaintance, it was very obvious. Finally, we headed home, sharing a few nacho-flavored Bugle snacks in the car, and he bounded up the front steps, eager to brag (just a little) to his brothers and sister.

It was an excellent adventure for Woody, and now he is passed out next to me on the couch.  Rob and I both think that what he needed was a whole lot of personal attention.  Yes, we will fine-tune the pH of his urine, and feed him a little soft food, and wait for the results of the zillion blood tests. He has a little heart murmur, and his old teeth are failing him, but he is in pretty darn good shape. Excellent shape.

I came across a recipe for devilled avocado eggs which looks really good - sort of like guacamole in an egg white shell - but I have no avocado en la casa, no cilantro, and no energy to go out to pick some up.  Publix is closed tomorrow for the Easter holiday, as it should be.  So either I wait for Monday to snag an avocado, or do something else.  I'm leaning towards Something Else, but first I have to check on just how much cooked food is already inhabiting my refrigerators.

I may wait for Monday before I devil any eggs, but I am planning on making matzo brei for tomorrow's breakfast.

The Magic won tonight, beating Milwaukee.  That's two in a row, two on the road.  Go Magic!

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