Thursday, June 18, 2015

Haven't Got Time For The Pain

Surely someone will find this amusing.

This morning I came across an online article that immediately set my hair on fire, followed by this thought: Boycott all Coke products; encourage others to do the same.  So I am asking everyone to stop buying Coke, until the parent company puts the hammer down on the CEO of Coke Palestine and rescinds its Palestinian franchise.

My request is probably going to be as effective as asking people not to shop at Hobby Lobby.

Believe it or not, another day with the electrician working downstairs.  Since it is supposed to be a short visit, I am locked in with the kids, hoping they don't notice that they are locked in with me.  I want my kitchen back, and I want my coffee.  I want my furry kids to have their normal free run of the downstairs.

I have to face the unpleasant reality of making an appointment for the upper GI series, and another appointment to give more blood.  That's two different labs, because life isn't complicated enough.  I should also go to my primary doctor's office to deal with what is certainly a UTI, and to investigate what is either psoriasis or shingles, and is causing me pain.  I haven't got time for the pain. (My Carly Simon ear worm just woke up).

Speaking of pain - the NBA Finals are over.  The Golden State Warriors, led by the awesome Stephen Curry, closed out the series, 4-2 over the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Sorry Lebron, we were rooting for you, and you played magnificently, but your team was down two important players.  This was an amazing series, including the semi-finals and the elimination rounds before that.  Now, we (that's the Orlando Magic "we") have a new coach and well-seasoned talent.  The NBA Draft takes place in another week or so, and we get the fifth pick (I think). Put it all together and we can make it to the 2016 finals.

Whoo hoo, the electrician is done.  Finished, packed up and out of here.  The kids have been freed from purdah, and all is well in the world.  Well, no it's really not.  Out there in the real world, a city in Wisconsin banned the use of kangaroos as service animals, red tuna crabs have washed up on the San Diego beaches, Donald Trump is running for President, the two escaped murderers are still missing and the trail has gone cold (literally, as I am certain they slipped into Canada), then there's all that ISIS stuff in the Middle East, and the Chinese are hacking our Federal government's computer networks.

Aphids, damn it

Over here, near Disney World, which is neither real nor a world, the heat and humidity are unbearable, the aphids are devouring my hibiscus, and damn it, I hurt really bad.  Bad enough that I have confined myself to the corner of my couch so I could stare off into space and feel sorry for myself.  I tried to eat, I really did.  Except for the spoonful of chopped liver, all was for naught. During breaks in my little pity-party, I got some more work done in the garden.  That was fun, and worth the price in pain and perspiration.

One thing I have not planted, but which insists on growing in my garden, are mushrooms.  This is under the same hibiscus as the last two mushrooms which were, despite the superficial resemblance to portobellos, completely poisonous.  This one in the photo has the adorable nickname "death cap", and if I have identified it correctly, the most poisonous mushroom in existence.  I love mushrooms, but not enough to risk my liver or my life.  Cultivated mushrooms will do just fine, thank you.

Seriously not something you want to sauté in butter and serve alongside a grilled steak.  Using my hand rake I pulled it and set it aside to die.  Better it than me or my family.  I'm not adventurous that way; I wouldn't try fugu (pufferfish) even if it was prepared by Masaharu Morimoto.

I have some nice pictures of what is turning into my bounteous harvest.  Perhaps "bounteous" is too aspirational, a slight exaggeration even, but this garden is one thing that has kept me going during some really low times.  I'm treating this first season as a learning experience, but in the meantime, there are real herbs and vegetables growing right outside my windows and that makes me smile.

I'm finally at the point of needing to cook, and I have a couple of options.  One that keeps poking me is for tamales, specifically family chicken tamales, a recipe from the book Tamales 101 by Alice Guadalupe Tapp.  There are gorgeous lamb chops in my freezer.  I've also been somewhat focussed on sausage and peppers, especially since I've got a couple of pounds of the good stuff parked right next to the lamb chops.  One thing I won't be making is gumbo:

The okra plant is growing, but has not yet produced any flowers.  No okra pods, no gumbo.

That, my friends, is a carrot.

And that is a green onion.  Or a weed.  I'm pretty sure it's an onion.

She makes me smile all the time.

Mostly broccoli sprouts with one or two carrots.  Personally, I would not combine these two vegetables in a recipe, but apparently Mother Nature has her own ideas on the subject.

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