Thursday, June 4, 2015

Toho Muscovies

Northeast corner of Lake Toho, at just the right moment

Same ear worm, different verse ...

Through early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that are withheld for me
I realize and I can see...

Another morning of tests and drinking odd fluids and having holes punctured in my arm.  Today it was not-too-nasty kool-aid, then the iodine injection and that freaky warmth.  This time I also had a distinct burning on the left side of my left breast, right where I'd had the fibroadenoma removed and replaced with a shiny metal clip.  Close my eyes, arms up, breathe deep and hold, breathe (as if I'd forget) and then nothing to show for the experience but a psychedelic pink bandage wrapped around my arm.  Why don't we get cats after a CAT scan?  Sort of a door prize.

Muscovy duck at Lake Toho

I needed much more than a door prize ... I have never had a reaction to iodine before, and I don't think this would qualify as an allergic reaction, but about an hour after I left the lab, I started to feel sick.  I had stopped at the lake on my way home and even got some good pictures of ducks, but then I rather suddenly had to head home.  Fortunately it's only a five minute drive, and once I got home, I headed straight upstairs.  I was in pain, and I cried. The details are unnecessary, but the last thing I remember before getting into bed was a very worried Romeo, checking to see if I was breathing.

I lost most of the day.  I know I had bad dreams.  When I finally did wake up, seven hours had passed and Romeo was still glued to my side.  I realize now that the heat reaction from the iodine was much more intense than I have previously experienced.

Two ducks discussing the cosmos

I have another medical test on Thursday; this time I have to drink that disgusting barium goop.  Good luck with that and I sincerely pray I don't throw it all up. In the meantime, while all these tests are being administered and precious blood drained from my body, I feel worse than ever.  I want to eat, I want to taste food, I want to be able to swallow and grab some of the nutrients, but I can't. 

We appear to be in a stand-off with the fleas.  A step in the right direction.

And I am going back to sleep.  It is the one thing I do really well.

Calico Muscovy duck. Yeah, I made that up.

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