Saturday, June 13, 2015

Where Can I Purchase a Literary License?

I have a bad habit.  (Just one? Oh girl!)  I am guilty of Excessive Alliteration. (There are also those Chronic Capitalization and Pretentious Paragraphing things, but that's another blog post and possibly intervention-worthy).

While littering is against the law; alliteration is not.  It is simply a literary device of which I am overly fond.  I have a literary license, and I like to use it.  Use of oxymorons is another literary device.  This one is pretty well-known, especially the best known example, "military intelligence."  Good grief.  Oops, that's more alliteration.  As a matter of fact, that's an alliterative oxymoron.  Like happy horsesh*t.  Okay, I've got to stop.  Bad habit.  I don't bite my nails anymore, but that's because I have them burried under acrylic.  I can't bury misuse of literary devices under acrylic. The whole thing is amazingly awful.

Third day on new medication, and I'm feeling sad.  Sadder than I felt yesterday, so it feels like this is another step backward.  Crap, I feel like crap. Which hasn't stopped me from laughing at some of the news.  Like Lebron James flashing his man-bits on national TV. (I'm blaming it on the head wound he got during the game.  They had to glue his head together. Then the Cavaliers lose and he flashes America.) You can't make this stuff up. Then, it turns out the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP has been passing - as black.  The media and social network reactions are stranger than the original story.

And the final funny news today was the House Democrats slapping the President upside the head with a wet fish.  Whack!  Which caused one of the commentators at Fox to officially declare the President a lame duck. The CNN headline reads Lame Duck: Democrats Clip President's Wings. Ouch. "The King is dead, long live the ... Queen." Hillary's campaign officially kicks off today. Truly, the last 15 years have been a disaster, Presidentially speaking.  It will be good to have a Clinton in the White House (I can see my husband and all my conservative friends rolling their eyes at me).

The end of the lasagna roll project was too dramatic to simply jump into another culinary undertaking.  Also, there's still lots of food all ready in the fridge, and we are going out to dinner tonight with our friends.

Today is also World Wide Knit in Public Day.  Knitters of the World, unite and flash your needles!  I haven't sat down to knit in a long time due to my inability to sit still and concentrate.  But I am with the knitters in spirit, if not in stitches. (Always alliteration.  Can't stop. This is where I came in. Have a delightful day.)

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