Friday, June 5, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever

Crap, is this a cooking blog or what?  I can't remember the last time I actually cooked something!

It is 1:30 and I am trying to eat breakfast - half a slice of the Almond Joy yeast bread, toasted to bring out the flavors of chocolate and coconut. Doesn't need butter (and I love my butter.)  Will it stay or will it go? Only time will tell.

I'm wearing a baseball cap now.  Baseball caps are cool. This one proclaims me a Carnival Cruising Diva, pink on white.

My ear worm lies quiescent today, giving me much-needed peace. It's not a pretty song and it does not reflect good thoughts.  While I'm not doing cartwheels in the kitchen, I'm also not befogged, bothered or bewildered.  I tire easily, but I've got friends and neighbors with Stage IV cancer, so at least for today, I'm going to forestall any bitching and moaning.  Besides, the NBA Finals start tonight!  My money is on Lebron (and if you know me, you probably know I have a 'thing' about gambling - I won't even buy a lottery ticket) because I like Lebron and because I would like the Eastern Conference to win for a change.

Today's news is funny - to me.  Kim Jong Un is getting fat.  At least now I know where my weight is going.  I always said I wanted to go back to Korea, but not the North, and not like this.  Bobby Flay got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and during the ceremonies, 'someone' had hired a plane to fly overhead with a fluttering sign spelling out "CHEATER".  I can only assume Stephanie March was upset because Bobby got a Hollywood star before she did.  (Ms. March denies any involvement in this stunt, but I'm sure there are others who would pay the price to "Beat Bobby Flay") I like Bobby Flay.  I met him, ever-so-briefly, at a Disney Food and Wine Festival a number of years ago.  He was between wives, and what I really liked was that he had his daughter with him.

Incidentally, Food Network is a really bad place to work and maintain marital bliss.  Most recently, the Neeleys (never liked them anyway), Bobby Flay, Giada de Laurentiis, and Alton Brown have had long term marriages crash and burn. Earlier we saw Nigella Lawson and even the great (and I mean this sincerely, I adore this man) Emeril Lagasse have marriages fail while they were on the air.  The most famous marriage fail, however, involved a Food Network commentator named Donna Hanover, who co-anchored Food News and Views with David Rosengarten.  Well yes. I have been watching Food Network for a very long time.  

Today's inspiring question (and no, you still don't get anything if you get it right.  However, the Pioneer Woman is giving out rather pretty handbags). What was the name of Donna Hanover's ex-husband, from her Food Network days?  I'll give you a clue: Ed Koch said he was a "nasty man."

More funny news: Yoko Ono, that self-proclaimed artiste, has announced that she and Hillary Clinton were "intimate" (translation: lesbian lovers) back in the seventies.  Could this campaign get any weirder?  Sure it could - and has - as even more Democrats, seeing the chinks in Hillary's armor, are throwing their hats (not baseball caps, not fezzes, not cool) into the ring.  Oh, Republicans! I saw Lindsay Graham coming down the road, but George Pataki?  And am I the only person who gets creeped out anytime Carly Fiorina appears on TV? She reminds me of Rick Scott, and that's not good.  Who knew that Voldemort had a female counterpart?

Oh hell, now I've got an ear worm (but nothing is real):

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see

It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out
It doesn't matter much to me

Yoko Ono and planting strawberries in the same day?  Good thing this is one of my silly, giddy, quit-while-you're-ahead days (which I did, displaying the awesome wisdom that comes with being 62, I stopped after planting the strawberries, and left the bougainvillea and seeds for another day.  I got tired, and I owned it.)

I am going to cook tonight, one of those dishes that college students like to make because you don't need a recipe but I'll give you one anyway.

Change of plans.  This really grossed me out, and it doesn't take much to turn my stomach.  I'm going to have cheeseburger Pringles instead.

Let's finish this off with a pretty picture and a couple of opinions:

I don't care if Hillary is a lesbian, or bisexual, or bicurious. I do question her taste in women, as I have never liked Yoko Ono.  I also don't care if Bobby Flay cheated on his wife.  I'm still going to watch his shows, eat in his restaurants, and use his recipe for tamales.

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