Tuesday, June 30, 2015


May the Force be ... gay

I don't know about you, but I love memes. Even the bad ones make me laugh, which may say something about me that bears no further exploration.  

This one is a little too close to the truth

Yesterday I needed to laugh.  Today too.  Yesterday my pain got progressively worse as the day moved on, the kind of internal pain that brings tears to your eyes.  Today my mood is spiraling down despite my best efforts to maintain some kind of balance.

Seriously - MEEEEEEEEMES!!!

I went outside with my first cup of coffee, my music and my hat and checked on my little garden.  This time of the day the garden is still in shade, and walking around admiring my single eggplant and one burgeoning Roma tomato is nice and temporarily curative. Even before that, though, I got the best laugh of the day when I saw how Anakin was spending his morning.

Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Kitten, Feline Dark Lord of the Sith. Wait for it ...

I only wish I could have maintained that level of jocularity, but I'm still in several kinds of pain, and right now all I want to do is sit in my corner of the couch.

This one is definitely too close to the truth ...WAIT FOR IT ...

I have a couple of dishes I'd like to whip up - crab fried rice, maduros, and chile rellenos - but unless I can cook one-handed, the other being used for support with a cane - it just isn't going to happen.  Crap.

Wait for it ... and, now:
Aren't you glad you waited for it?

But something even better than crab fried rice happened today.  Today James planted my new trees, a lemon and a kumquat. I am really excited, because I'm one step further to finally getting rid of the world's ugliest evergreens, forced upon us by the City of Kissimmee, and replaced with nice trees that are legitimately representative of the South.

Come on nerds, you know who the gift recipient is

When we lived in the first house in Hunter's Creek, I planted crape myrtles and a kumquat tree.  When we moved to the other house in Hunter's Creek, my brother-in-law planted for us a beautiful magnolia in front, and three different citrus trees in back.  For some reason the citrus trees - kumquat, lemon, and lime - did not thrive, but the magnolia was sturdy, and every year gave us gorgeous, lush ivory blossoms.

Now that this house is a residence, we've been slowly putting in DIY landscaping, based on our favorites from 23 years living in this area.  So we have hibiscus and crotons, bougainvillea and two magnolia trees, and now kumquat and lemon.  Next project is to get rid of yet another ugly evergreen that looks like it belongs in the Canadian Rockies, and replace it with a crape myrtle. Southern comfort, indeed.

Speaking of southern comfort, I don't think my neighbors have any idea how much pleasure I get from their yard plantings.  I took this one just as we were getting hit with (yet another) rain storm, but you can still appreciate the color of the plumbago, and yes, that is the courthouse peeking between the trees.

Not far from the plumbago, my neighbor has what is probably my favorite tree, the crape myrtle.  When I first moved here almost 24 years ago, I remember telling someone - can't remember who he was, except I do remember that he was a special kind of stupid - that I was going to seriously miss being able to grow lilacs here.  Lilacs hold a special place in my heart, and the scent of no other flower, even roses, can cause me that much joy.  Special Kind of Stupid told me to "just grow crape myrtles instead." He thought he was being helpful, so I didn't smack him up side the head.

No cooking today. I'm still in pain, damn it.  I have worked out the recipe I'm going to follow for the crab fried rice, but that's for tomorrow.  Hopefully.

From the "I'm naturally depressed, and all this doesn't help" department:  It is hard to believe that in the real world things keep getting worse. Greece is about to default on all its loans, and it is taking the rest of the world economies with it.  The Dow is tanking as I'm sitting here typing.  The South Carolina Church Massacre.  The escape of two convicted murderers from the Clinton Correctional Facility in "really" upstate New York, and their remaining on the lam for three weeks. Almost simultaneous terrorist attacks in three countries. ISIS ISIS everywhere. Exploding space ships. A bad nuclear deal with Iran. Shark attacks. Flesh-eating bacteria. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have issued a Fourth of July terror warning. Our Nation's birthday party being crapped on by terrorists, that's terrific.

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