Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to Friends and Family

Feliz de dia Pascua ... sorry to say I did not make it to Publix before it closed down for the holiday.  While I would have liked to do something a little special for Easter, my family being sort of loosy-goosy when it comes to which holidays to celebrate, my state of being was not encouraging, and I had little energy to get off the couch much less shop and cook.  Lo siento.  I do have some tasty leftovers and sufficient fixings to whip up a batch of kielbasa and kraut plus all sorts of frozen doo-dads, so it looks like we'll be tucked in for the duration.  Never mind that I was dreaming about little Cornish hens with rice stuffing.  That will simply have to wait for another holiday.

From yesterday's Orlando Sentinel, under the byline of my favorite reporter, Susan Jacobson:

"Scott Bush, the Windermere man whose child-sex case led to the arrest of the former town police chief, called police this week, claiming that one of his neighbors had threatened him with a gun and called him a child molester."

But you ARE a (an alleged) child molester, Scotty!   Stop whining, man.  You're lucky that the judge set a bond for your release this time around.  He could have left you in the general population with no bond ... and you do know what the other inmates do to you Short Eyes, don't you?  One thing for sure, they don't worry about the legal niceties of "alleged" versus "convicted."

What's in the water over at Windermere?  Nothing has been the same since Tiger Woods imploded.  Including his golf game.  You've got the police chief arrested and fired (in part for protecting old Scotty here), you've got someone taking a slug at the mayor during a meeting, and all this going on in a very short period of time.  Half the police force has resigned, so I'm not sure who is watching the hen house, so to speak.  Another famous Windermere resident, Wesley Snipes, is currently residing a Club Fed for tax evasion. 

On a happier note, my personal favorite Windermere resident is the great Shaquille O'Neal, who I remember as a kid, albeit a very big kid, starting out with the fledgling Magic.  Never mind he still can't shoot from the line, I still love the big guy. 

We may not have Easter dinner, but we did have Easter breakfast.  I think I will make the kielbasa and kraut later, and finish rolling out the rest of the dough for hamantaschen and rugelach.  That's about as much as I can handle this weekend, and I am thankful I can do that much.  This chronic exhaustion sucks. 

Cook like there's nobody watching, and eat like it's heaven on earth.

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