Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking the Night Off

Dinner date with my best boy at Mikado Sushi, very nice.

The Orlando Magic won the second game of their best of seven against the Atlanta Hawks.  I love you guys!

Orange County leaders voted 6-0 this morning to extend health and other workplace benefits to the partners and children of gay county employees.  Excellent!

My favorite headline from today's Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Scott, Florida Legislature aren't getting along.  If I am reading the article correctly, the entire Florida Legislature, including the Republicans, are ignoring Voldemort's wishes.  They are going forward, doing their jobs, trying to reach agreements, while daGov does his impotent lip-flapping routine at Tea Party meetings.  It's one of the few times I've ever felt kindly toward the Florida Legislature.

Check this one out: Florida divorce proceeding turns violent -- in judge's chambers.  Seems this dude did NOT want to pay child support and expressed his displeasure in a manner that earned him a stay in the Broward County Jail and a $1 million bond.  Once again, I am very glad to have given up the practice of divorce law.  Perfectly normal people morph into freaking lunatics and do terrible things to each other and their children.  And their attorneys.

Although I did no cooking today, I came across a veritable treasure trove of old recipes - scribbled notes, newspaper clippings (Newsday 1989, anyone?) - that were packed away in a plastic box at the bottom of a closet I rarely use.  So there may be a stroll down memory lane by way of my kitchen in the foreseeable future.

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