Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sorry to disappoint, but this has nothing to do with naughty pictures, and everything to do with naughty governors.

Sunday night, when the television is silent and the rest of the house is quiet, I like to catch up on the news.  Orlando Sentinel, Google News, and the Sunday Times.  There is a serial killer on Long Island, Mubarak is worried about his legacy, and the President is still trying to reduce debt with the help of Republicans.  Good luck with that one, Mr. President.

Then I caught this headline, followed the link and had another one of those "the top of my head is going to explode" moments.  There have been far too many of them lately, most caused by this dude:

Scott: Learning on the job

As he approaches 100 days in office, Gov. Rick Scott, a political newcomer, is learning as he governs.
All righty, then.  Look, I knew he was incompetent, and I haven't been shy about expressing my opinion, but seeing this out in bold print really hammers it home.  Who among us thinks we can get hired for a job without any experience whatsoever?  What company in it's corporate right mind, trying to fill a high level position that carries with it complicated and technical responsibilities, would hire someone without even rudimentary knowledge of what the job entailed?  What law firm would hire a high school graduate to serve as lead counsel on a first degree murder case? 
Governor Scott has no political experience whatsoever.  He hasn't even served at a local level.  It is one thing to boast that he is free of all the political ties that bind up in the state capitol, but with that sort of freedom comes abject ignorance.  He does not even understand his own job description, much less be able to effectively delegate to others.  He is abyssmally unaware of the political realities and is unable to communicate with staff, with legislators, and certainly not with the people of this state.  It is truly obscene to think that this individual holds the highest office in our state, and with it an incredible amount of power.  Anyone who thinks that the three branches of government have equal powers hasn't been reading the newspaper lately.

Once you read the article you will be shocked at just how much he doesn't know.

Here it is, 1:30 AM, and I am still awake.  Washing a boatload of dishes, some in the dishwasher, some by hand.  There is something very soothing about washing dishes by hand.   I am not the usual dishwasher around these parts, as my boys are good about cleaning up after me, but it is tax season, the sink and surrounding counters had reached critical mass, Cory is out keeping company, and it's just me and my shadows, the four-legged variety.  They have never offered to assist with dishwashing ... dishLICKING is an entirely different matter, however. 

Does anyone know why cats like to sit in the sink, by the way?

I guess it's just another one of life's mysteries.

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  1. My Lily was a newborn when we found her and had to be fed with an eye dropper. This meant formula always ended up coating her and it was also necessary to stimulate her belly to get her to do #2....so of course when you have a 1 oz patient, you need a sink to clean all this up.
    She loves to curl up into a ball in the sink and has to supervise use of the sink when others shave or brush their teeth...running water is probably the BF Skinner CS.